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Must-Know Graphy Alternatives

If you are looking forward to running your online coaching business in automatic mode using an online teaching platform, you must be knowing about Graphy. Graphy by Unacademy is an online teaching platform where you can create, launch, market, and sell your online classes or courses on your own. Graphy has features like a no-code website builder, a brand-based custom mobile application builder, and an overall course-hosting LMS (Learning Management System) that can help you run your online coaching business from home. Still, there are up to 10 alternatives to Graphy that can give you second thoughts about Graphy.

Features of Graphy

But before we move on to discuss sites like Graphy, let us see a quick look at what Graphy provides to its users.

Graphy by Unacademy Logo
Image Souce -Graphy
  • No-code Website Builder
  • Live Classes can be taken from the platform itself (3 concurrent live classes with 500 users)
  • A custom domain can be added
  • Payment Gateway integrations (Country specific) Both International and Native Payment Gateways.
  • Course launch scheduling (Drip course feature)
  • Option to send email without using any autoresponder
  • Community Feature (Where your course enrollments can interact with each other inside the App itself)
  • Coupon code
  • Live Test
  • PDF files upload
  • White-labeled Mobile App (Android + iOS)
  • Quizzes
  • Video encoding
  • Optional setting up of security feature
  • Email, phone support, 3 onboarding calls
  • Zapier and Pabbly Integrations
  • 1,00,000 active learners
  • Admin account (sub-user access)

Graphy by Unacademy Pricing

In India, the pricing of Graphy is INR 19,999. Along with this, you will also have to give them 10 percent of every sale you make. It is their transaction fee percentage per sale. This is one major reason why many people search for alternative sites like Graphy as ten percent of your revenue, is taken away as a sales fee.

Graphy Pricing Plan
Image Souce -Graphy

Best 10 Alternative Sites-like Graphy

This list consists of online class teaching sites that can be a suitable alternative to Graphy due to its features, add-ons, and value for money. You can go through it patiently one by one as we have covered everything in detail here.

1. FlexiFunnels

FlexiFunnels-logo, flexifnnels-hd-logo

FlexiFunnels is a proper course funnel builder. That can literally set your online course business on automation. It is an online course hosting platform where you can upload unlimited courses, just like Graphy of Unacademy.

FlexiFunnels is, however, an advanced yet easy-to-use revenue-generating course sales funnel builder due to the following reasons:

  • OTT-Level Piracy Protection Measures: Inside your FlexiFunnels, you get a robust and advanced online course piracy protection feature. First is video encoding with which nobody can download your course videos. Second is IP Login Tracking due to which no two devices can view your course at the same time. Dynamic video watermarking enables an overlay display of user details onto your videos so that you could find out which user identity tries to do course piracy.
  • Sales funnel building: With a course sales funnel you can basically double, triple, and even quadruple your current course sales revenue. How? Everything has been discussed in the subsequent points.
  • Double Bump Offers: Just before a person is about to finish their checkout. You can make an upsell or downsell by offering them a course add-on.

It is just like selling a packet of 5 pens after someone buys a notebook from stationery. With double bump offers you can add and sell more two complementary products while selling your main course. This is not possible with Graphy.

  • Countdown Timers: Graphy as an LMS is good, but from the selling point of view it lacks crucial page design features like a countdown timer.

A countdown timer helps in creating Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) inside your target audience with the help of which they are likely to convert into your customers. Result? It can increase your course sale conversion rate by 400 percent, says a report.

Graphy on the other side has no such course funnel-building feature with it.

  • Course sales funnel logics: You can also create a proper course funnels with FlexiFunnels ‘YES or NO’ and ‘THEN’ logic.

Suppose, let’s say your potential course enrollment refuses to buy any upgraded version of your course that you offer as an upsell you can then downsell to him/her by selling it has a lower price with some features deducted from it.

You can literally try selling 2,3,4,5, 6, and more times to your existing and potential customers with a course funnel. All this art of selling cannot be done by Unacademy’s Graphy LMS.

  • Landing Page Design Features: FlexiFunnels gives you 350+ high-converting landing page design templates. One that has been designed by professional copywriters, graphic designers, and marketers. FlexiFunnels page templates are fully editable, so you need not worry about customizations.

Suppose you want to hire someone as your page designer, you can also give them limited access to your account, page, funnels, websites, email autoresponder, and even payment gateway as a sub-user. it can be done with FlexiFunnels’ advanced sub-user access feature.

Furthermore, the major part of designing has been done to save your time, effort, and money. As you may have the world’s best course content, but if your landing page has not been designed properly you cannot ace selling visually. Still, if you choose to use Graphy, you will not get about 350+ ready-made landing pages there.

  • High-Converting Checkout Pages: Taking into consideration online consumer psychology, FlexiFunnels has a high-converting checkout page design as well. There you can create FOMO with a countdown timer and influence decisions.

You cannot do this with Unacademy’s Graphy right now, as Graphy checkout pages do not have sales-boosting page design features like that of FlexiFunnels.

  • FlexiFunnels Funnels Growth System (FGS): FlexiFunnels is a course hosting platform with which you can do proper digital marketing for selling more of your online courses. We even have premium learning modules to help you learn all in-demand high-income skills at no extra cost.

Graphy on the other hand is restricted to LMS specialties. You may know how to teach, but if you do not know how to sell. Then that is a problem, this is where FlexiFunnels’ Funnel Growth System (FGS) comes into the picture

With it, you can practically learn to sell more from Mr. Saurabh Bhatnagar (CEO, FlexiFunnels), who scaled his coaching business for up to 8-figures.

You can do this too with your efforts, dedication, and optimism, using FlexiFunnels’ Course Funnel Builder plus its LMS functionalities. It is like you getting double power to boost your online class/course sales. With Graphy you cannot do all this.

  • Pricing: FlexiFunnels Professional annual price is Rupees 29,500 for 1 year. FlexiFunnels’ Premium annual price is Rupees 55,640.

2. Learnyst

Learnyst Online Course Teaching Platform, learnyst logo, learnyst
Image Souce -Learnyst

With Learnyst you can start your coaching/teaching academy online. There are many common features between Learnyst and Graphy. Like with Learnyst you can also create your iOS and Android-based white-label mobile application.

  • Sell online courses and online quiz test series: Learnyst is an online teaching platform where you can create and sell your online courses as well as quiz-based online test series.

You can do this with Graphy too as saleable courses can be made using multimedia files there. But the Learnyst test series builder is more robust here for the following reasons:

  1. Your students can randomize MCQs-based questions there.
  2. You can import bulk questions from word or excel files, and measure the performance of each question.
  3. You will also be able section-wise analysis, and topic-wise analysis of overall test questions.
  4. Next, you will also be able to schedule different tests from one place. This is helpful when you have different batches of students you can schedule a test at your convenience for each of them.

All this cannot be done with Graphy by Unacademy right now.

  • Online course security: Learnyst gives you the facility to secure your courses with OTP login, screen capture restriction, and watch time restriction. This prevents enrolled members from sharing their courses with others. This way your share of revenue does not get lost.

Learnyst also has parallel login restrictions, meaning no two people can log in to your course simultaneously. And single a device app restriction as well which limits access to the course app from only one app. This is something that the white-label Graphy App does not have.

  • No transaction fee: You do not have to pay any percentage of your sales revenue in form of a platform fee to Learnyst. On the other hand, Graphy is charging a 10 percent transaction fee.
  • Pricing: The Graphy price is Rupees 19,999 as a one-time fee. While Learnyst has two types of billing plans. One is monthly billing and yearly billing. Its monthly plan starts from Rupees 3,499/ month. While it is an annual plan billed annually, at a Rupees 2,799/month charge you will pay a total of Rupees 33,588/- to use Learnyst for a year.

3. Teachmint

teachmint, teachmint logo, teachmint logo hd download
Image Souce -Teachmint

Another competitor plus the alternative to Graphy can is Teachmint. Here are the following reasons why:

  • LMS plus ERP features: Techmint is an LMS (Learning Management System) as well as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) online software solution for school management.

It even helps in running various batches. Let’s say you are a foreign language instructor. You will be able to manage different sets of beginner, intermediate, and advanced-level learners comprehensively from one place this way. With Live Classes, you will be able to conduct live viva classes online.

With LMS you can conduct online classes and online courses. At the same time, with its ERP you can automate all processes and systems of your business organization.

Here is what you can do with Teachmint ERP:

  • Management of Admission and Fees (Helpful for schools and institutions teaching students of various classes/ courses)
  • One-look comprehensive school structure dashboard
  • Prepare your school’s yearly calendar planner and exam timetable planner
  • Easy student (user) management. For example attendance management and performance management etc.

If you’re looking for the above-listed features, Teachmint’s ERP is a more suitable LMS than Graphy. Apart from this, using Teachmint as an LMS you can make:

  • No-code website of your institution
  • Real-time announcements of your enrollments
  • Private and classroom chat when you conduct live classes online
  • Class recording of live classes
  • Online Whiteboard (No extra plugin required)
  • Shareable Study materials
  • Live polls to get feedback from your online students in real-time (Just like done in Zoom)
  • Next, the measurement of individual student engagement.

All this makes Teachmint more online learner-oriented as well as educator-oriented than Graphy. Techmint however is not a proper course funnel builder like FlexiFunnels though. Still, you can go for it if it suits your business needs.

  • Pricing: Teachmint has a free basic plan, it also has an advanced plan for which you can contact Teachmint Support.

4. Teachable

Teachable Logo, teachable green logo, teachable logo download
Image Souce -Teachable

Teachable is another online course platform where you can create and sell courses online. Following are the reasons to suggest it as an alternative online tool like Graphy.

  • Launch Accelerator Challenge: With Teachable Launch Accelerator Challenge, you can launch your online classes or courses in less than 30 days after onboarding Teachable. For this, you will get various tools, resources, and guidance to learn online selling.

This is just like FlexiFunnels Funnel Growth System (FGS). However, with FGS you get full-time access to all our learning resources as long as you are a FlexiFunnels user. It is not just for 30 days. It is something you can learn neither with Graphy nor with Teachable.

  • Transaction fees on sales: Unlike Graphy which charges a 10 % transaction fee on every sale you make, Teachable is much more lenient about this with a zero percent transaction fee on its Pro Plan. This means you will only have to pay merchant fees to your integrated payment gateway.

However, if you are a Basic Plan user of Teachable they will take a 5% transaction fee on every sale. And on their free plan, they will charge $1 + 10 % fees.

  • Pricing: Teachable has both a monthly plan and an annual plan. The monthly plan ranges from $39/month to $110/month. While its yearly plan ranges from $348 and $1188/year.

5. Thinkific

Thinkific Kajabi Alternative, Thinkific logo
Image Souce -Thinkific

Some common features between Thinkific and Graphy are community features, course completion certificate generation, no-code drag-and-drop course builder, etc. However, Thinkific differs from Graphy in the following ways:

  • Thinkific App Store: Thinkific App branding can be removed from there if you use their Grow Plan ($199/month) and other higher-paid plans. It comes with the option to send push notifications to increase subscribers’ engagement.

Thinkific also has Thinkific App Store to enhance your App functions. Like DropInBlog, Mixpanel, WooNinja, etc. One can say its App is as advanced as its course site, this is not possible with Graphy apps.

  • Fully integrated eCommerce feature: Even as an LMS, Thinkific has some interesting features that you will not get in Graphy. Your Thinkific-made website can work their TCommerce Suite, with integrated payment processing, selling tools, and even bookkeeping features.

With TCommerce, you get business management tools for almost everything. From managing tax reports, an automatic retrial of failed transactions, and student location details collection for tax management and reporting, etc.

However, TCommerce powered by Thinkific Payment (Thinkific own payment gateway) is currently operational in the USA, UK, and Canada. That they plan to make it global anytime soon.

  • Pricing:  Thinkific paid plan consisting of monthly price plans and annual price plans. Its monthly price plans are as follows:
    • Basic Plan: $49/month
    • Start Plan: $99/month
    • Grow Plan: $199/month

While its annual price plans are as follows:

  • Basic Plan: At $36/month ($432/year)
  • Start Plan: At $74/month ($888/year)
  • Grow Plan: At $149/month ($1,788/year)

6. Kajabi

Kajabi Online Course Builder, kajabi blue logo, kajabi logo download
Image Souce – Kajabi

Kajabi is well-known as a course hosting platform. With its help, you can create content, campaigns, and funnels too for your courses. Graphy as you now know is not a proper course campaign and funnel builder.

This is why you can consider Kajabi as your long-term business partner tool over Graphy.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): One has to agree that Kajajbi’s offered CRM can strengthen and lengthen your coaching business. It is because it helps you keep in touch with your learners.

Through it you can give them day-to-day knowledge bytes on a fixed schedule, it is more like a complimentary auto-responder.

Its list segmentation is also automated. For example, it automatically removes those from your ‘Retargeting/Promotional’ List who have bought your course. Graphy in-app email service needs more manual attention.

  • Course Sales Funnel: Graphy is not a complete course funnel builder. This is where Kajabi’s importance rises as an online course hosting platform. With Kajabi you can visually build a sales funnel on its canvas mode. This makes funnel building easy for beginners as well as advanced strategists.

They also have ready-to-use playbook funnel templates that you can customize if you want. Not just online video courses, you can also sell podcasts here.

This can be done by membership or subscription-based pricing plans. It also has an in-app community members area, just like Graphy where you can see your learner’s engagement.

Speaking of its learning assessment resources, Kajabi also has quizzes and surveys, just like Graphy.

  • Pricing: Kajabi takes a zero percent platform transaction fee, unlike Graphy whose transaction fee is 10 percent. Kajabi has an annual plan and a monthly pricing plan.
    • Monthly Growth Plan: $199/month
    • Monthly Basic Plan: $149/month
    • Monthly Pro Plan: $399/month

White its annual plan is as follows:

  • Annual Growth Plan: $159/month
  • Basic Growth Plan: $119/month
  • Pro-Growth Plan: $319/month

7. Kartra

Kartra Logo, kartra logo download
Image Source – Kartra

With Kartra you can sell online courses using a course funnel too. Like Graphy and Kajabi, it also provides surveys and quizzes but not for learning assessment purposes typically. That is for doing customer surveys and lead surveys for segmentation plus analysis purposes, you can maintain a proper database with relevant metrics.

So here is why Kartra can be chosen over Graphy:

  • Kartra Funnels: Whether you want to conduct a webinar funnel by conducting free webinars/workshops to attract potential customers. Or you want to use an email opt-in funnel to start doing email marketing to your old learners and potential new learners. With Kartra Funnels it can all be done.

Likewise, every sales funnel is incomplete without bump offers, upsells, downsells, etc. Kartra can help you too in increasing your sales using its canvas funnel builder.

  • Kartra Campaigns: Though in-app email without an autoresponder can be sent from Graphy also, but proper email campaign cannot be done. As Kartra campaign features have tags and segmentation features for your email list. That is essentially needed in any autoresponder.
  • Pricing: Kartra has a monthly plan and an annual plan. You cannot host unlimited courses in its Starter Monthly Plan of $99/month. But you can upload unlimited courses in its Silver Plan ($199/month), Gold Plan ($299/month), and Platinum Plan ($499/month).

8. Podia

Podia logo, Podia logo download, Podia hd logo
Image Source – Podia

Podia is yet another online platform where you can sell courses, coaching sessions, webinars, and workshops online. Not just this, you can also sell your podcast by creating a membership area there. So how is Podia different than Graphy?

  • Transaction fee: Transaction fee differs from platform to platform some charge as high as 10 percent per sale like Graphy. On the other hand FlexiFunnels 7 podia charge 1% and 85 transaction charges respectively.

However as and when you upgrade to Podia’s higher plans are charged no transaction fee as such.

  • Paid community options: Graphy has a community creation option, in which enrolled members of the course can have discussions and other such interactions. It is a complementary feature for the enrolled members. But Podia has taken its community feature to the next level. How?

With Podia you can also create a ‘paid’ community area, it is like creating a virtual membership area. The only difference is making it paid, instead of complementary.

The only problem when you host your community on these platforms is that it makes you platform-dependent. That means, it becomes very difficult for you to switch to other platforms if your community is hosted inside the platform. Thus, it makes sense to think of more reliable channels like Facebook, discord or telegram before you host your community.

  • Pricing: The rest majority of the product features between Podia and Graphy are almost identically the same. Podia has two types of price planning. One is monthly and the second is a yearly plan.

Its monthly pricing is as follows:

  • Mover plan: $39/month
  • Shaker plan: $89/month
  • Earthquaker plan:$199/month

9. GrooveMember

groovemember logo, groovemember hd logo, groovemember logo download
Image Source – GrooveMember

With GrooveMember, you can maintain and run a membership site and a course hosting platform like Graphy for online teaching.

Here are some of the GrooveMember features that you may like:

  • Membership Templates and Themes: After creating your membership site, with GrooveMember no-code tech you get to structure and design Membership Templates and Themes. Even the pre-designed templates are editable there.

This includes customizing the member login page. Inside which you can host your own courses. But at Graphy you will have standard fit-for-all design options.

GrooveMember makes it easier for you to create course content that matches your brand identity. A brand color and design set-up are also important from the marketing and branding point of view.

  • Course Bundle Option: Just like FlexiFunnels, GrooveMember is also offering you a course bundle option. Using this, you can divide and create small digestible chunks of your course and sell them as different knowledgeable products.

One single course uploaded on Groovemember can be divided into modules, lessons, and chapters. So, there’s a lot for you to input and develop a well-structured course.

  • Pricing: Course Sales Funnel creation is possible with Groovemember. They have various pricing plans that you will see after you sign up for their free plan. The problem with the free plan is that you can only add up to 100 members to your course and you would not be able to host videos inside it. (you can only host PDFs, images, and audio files.)

10. Learnworlds

LearnWorlds Online Cousrse Hosting,LearnWorlds logo
Image Source – LearnWorlds

Learnworlds has almost similar features to Graphy. This includes no-code white-Label websites, assessment builders, and white-label iOS and Android mobile apps. Still, certain similarities and differences in features qualify Learnworlds as Graphy’s alternative.

  • Multilingual UI: While using Graphy, you may need a third-party integration to make your course area readable in multi-language. But this is not the case with Learnworld, whose multilingual UI is an in-app-built feature. This way, you can customize your school’s language and make it more suitable and accessible for your global audience.
  • Funnel Building: With Learnworlds also you can build course funnels. You can then do conversion tracking, upsells, and cross-sells with coupon promotions. Creating course bundles is possible inside LearnWorlds, but all this cannot be done with Graphy.
  • App Push Notifications: With Learnworlds, Email marketing has always been useful but now with simple push notifications you can increase learners’ engagement. This feature is available in Graphy-made white-label mobile apps too.
  • Pricing: In its lowest Starter plan LearnWorlds takes $5 per sale. After that, its transaction cost is zero percent.

It has two types of price tiers, one year and one monthly.

The monthly plan starts from $29/per month to $299/per month.

The yearly plan starts from $24/per month ($288/year) to $363/per month ($4,356/year)

These were the list of Graphy alternatives that can be your next choice for your online course. Before starting to teach online you should know that all such information becomes a must-know who takes how much transactions fee and how many courses can be uploaded there. All such basic must-know for teaching online, but for selling your online class/course you need to have a course funnel builder.

Point of Differences FlexiFunnels Graphy
Custom Domain Integration (C-Name)
Custom Domain Integration (A-Records)
Course Bundle/ Course Package Creation
Course Funnel Builder
Bump Offer Creation
In-App Email Broadcast
Countdown Timers
Learning Management System (LMS)
Learning Assessment Tools (Quizzes, Surveys, etc.)
SCORM compliant LMS
Sub-User Access
International Payment Gateway
Native Country-Wise Payment Gateway
Indian Payment Gateway
Recurring Payment Option
Membership Site Creation
Platform Transaction Fee [Per Sale]
*Excludes Payment Gateway Processing Fees *
Unlimited Course Upload
Unlimited Course Learner
Robust OTT Level Piracy Protection (IP Login Tracking)
Course Video Encoding
In-App Personalized Brand Video Watermark Overlay
User Details Video Watermark Overlay
Starting Price PlanINR 29,500INR 19,999

Like online LMS platforms, there are many course funnel builders as well out there. Your best choice can be FlexiFunnels, as it has tight and strong OTT-level anti-piracy protection features. Its role as a course funnel builder with upsells, downsells, and bump offer sales is already well-known. Graphy is not equipped with sales funnel building. This is where FlexiFunnels can be a Graphy alternative for you.

Feel free to book a call or drop a text to us, to know how FlexiFunnels funnel builder can help you achieve online business goals.

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