How To turn business websites into online sales machine | 2023 Full Good Guide

HOW-TO turn business websites into online sales machine

HOW-TO turn business websites into online sales machine

Every business owner now wants to do business on Google, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. For doing this successfully, you should build a website or a funnel for your online business. A website is a place at which you can showcase all your products and services to anyone using the Internet. However, when it comes to increasing online sales revenue funnels are more effective than websites.

A funnel is created to plan an entire customer value journey. A funnel is created to start customer acquisition and it keeps on running for old and new customer retention. Inside a funnel, instead of websites, you need to build landing pages that are more like single-page web pages, let’s say. Landing pages are made goal-specific with single goal-driven CTAs (Calls to Action). For example, you can have landing pages specifically for email signups, consultation bookings, product launches, etc.

Altogether websites, landing pages, and funnels remain major digital assets for every online business owner. This is why we are going to tell you in detail how to generate online business sales using websites, landing pages, and funnels in 2023 and beyond.

How to increase online sales revenue

Create Online Business Websites & Landing Pages

It is a good idea to create, both websites and landing pages for your online business. However, landing pages is a must as they are more action-oriented and goal specific. A website is a collection of many web pages where the flexibility of page navigation is more. This also increases the chances of distraction and page visitors may not turn into warm leads then. While a landing page is a goal-specific web page, that is easier for page visitors to understand and navigate without getting distracted.

How to design websites to increase and boost your online sales?

Designing: As a non-coder to make websites by yourself, you only need a drag-and-drop code-free web page builder. With FlexiFunnels drag-and-drop editor you can easily launch your online business website in one or two days. It is that simple. All you have to do is, choose your favorite online business page template from our professionally-made collection of 350+ page templates.

FlexiFunnels High-Converting Professionally Made Business Website Templates

Since they are professionally made with the help of graphic designers, marketers, copywriters, etc. A well-designed page layout helps in increasing sales conversions.

Edit: Not just this, you can also edit and customize the web pages as per your brand palette, personal preference, and the nature of your business. With FlexiFunnels editor you can also save your page designs as ready-to-use templates. For increasing online sales, maintaining a brand image helps business sales in the long run.

Speed: Studies show that page speed affects online sales wherein a one-second delay can reduce your conversion rate by 4.42 percent.

That means if your page loads with a 1-second delay, you lose 5 out of every 100 potential customers. That is a massive loss of revenue.

Also, with FlexiFunnels hosted pages your online sales conversions will not get affected due to slow page loading speed. This is because we use top-notch Content Delivery Network (CDN). Not just websites, but even landing pages hosted on FlexiFunnels have super-fast loading speeds. Proof? Look at our GT Metrix calculated Page Speed below.

FlexiFunnels Super Fast Page Speed Tested Using GT
FlexiFunnels Super Fast Page Speed Tested Using GT Metrix

How to design Landing Pages to double your online sales conversions?

Landing Pages can boost your online sales doubly. For this, you should include the following design elements on your pages:

  • Completely Editable Header: Headers ****help in forming the first-look impression. This is why, it is important to design convincing high-converting headers. How? With FlexiFunnels you can edit your headers completely and make it more converting by adding your sales video, image carousels, email sign-up forms, countdown timers, persuasive headings, and subheadings etc.
  • Social Proof as customer/client reviews: Reviews can increase your online sales by 34 percent. A screenshot snippet would look more realistic and convincing. You can add them in form of images and videos easily without the need to type a single line of code, with the no-code page builder FlexiFunnels.
  • Support or Contact Us Button: Your clients/customers will also be looking out for ways to contact you. Using FlexiFunnels, you can create fixed sticky buttons and normal call-to-action buttons that include click-to-call and click-to-text link features. That means your customer can easily choose to contact you directly through your website.
  • Multiple Call to Action (CTA) Buttons: Not just the color, shape, and size. You can also do some copywriting by editing the text of your call to action button. It is always a good idea to add one action-driven CTA at several parts of your landing pages. With FlexiFunnels, you can also easily decide various CTA button actions. Here is how:
FlexiFunnels CTA Online Sales Button
FlexiFunnels CTA Online Sales Button
  • Countdown Timers: Countdown Timers can also help you get 3 to 300 percent increased sales conversions. A ticking clock psychologically makes someone feel like they might miss something if they do not buy it. With FlexiFunnels, you can make several modifications to your countdown timer.
  • Ready-made professionally done business landing pages: Landing pages plays an important role in introducing your business, like a sales pitch. By choosing FlexiFunnels, you will also get professionally done ready-made business-oriented 350+ landing pages and website templates for no extra cost. As a page design elements and layout also has a big role in promoting sales conversion.
  • Mobile Responsive Pages: Now, most people use mobile phones almost daily to surf the Internet. This is why it is important, for you to create mobile responsive web pages. One that is optimized also does better page loading speed. Mobile commerce is on a constant rise. When you do not have a budget to make your own branded mobile application, it is better to stick to mobile-optimized web pages then.

Email Signup Forms

It is important to have leads, as they are going to be your potential customers. Without customers, there can be no business. Likewise, without leads also there can be no business. Email Signup Forms are another great way to collect leads information and to boost online sales of your business website. Its importance lies in its benefits which are as follows:

  • First, it helps in finding your hot-warm leads that include people who are interested in your product/service.
  • Secondly, use your email list to promote sales by promoting your other products/services. This way, you can do upsell and down-sells using email too.
  • Third, it helps in maintaining customer relations and customer retention while you are building your brand. So building an e-mail list is an overall win-win.

With FlexiFunnels creating email sign-up forms and integrating them with your chosen email autoresponder is easy and simple. There is a complete tutorial on how you can go about it. For now, you should know ways to collect more emails:

  • Offer Coupon Codes in exchange for an email
  • Offer Special Discounts for email subscribers
  • Give freebies that provide some value to your customers, you can deliver all the above digital deliverables and incentives using FlexiFunnels.
  • Email sign-up forms can also be included in the pop-up.
  • Pop-ups cannot be ignored when you will use them to offer and promote discounts, coupon codes, and freebies (lead magnet in form of an e-book, workshop video, price list reveal, etc.). FlexiFunnels has advanced settings for almost all page-converting design elements.

Pricing Table

With pricing table listing out important features of your products and services can help you bring sales. As the user will be able to find out how much value are they going to get at what price. If you have any competitors, you can also make a comparative pricing table to inform them about what more are you offering.

Pricing tables are like restaurant menus. Once the page visitor sees it, they will also be psychologically compelled to see what you offer to them. So remember, you need to put your best features forward for it.

With FlexiFunnels, you also get pre-built pricing tables that are totally customizable. You can even add icons and images inside each table cell to make your saleable features more convincing for purchase.

Advanced Integrations

Integration options turn useful online tools into multi-useful ones. We have direct integrations with the following web apps that help you get sales on automation. This is includes direct integrations with major email autoresponders and payment gateways, which will save loads of your money that you would have spent on buying integration tools like Pabbly and Zapier.

Along with this, using FlexiFunnels, you also get to use the Webhook option to get more integration flexibility and freedom. Doing business with data is important to make important pricing and offers decisions to promote sales. Rest our direct integrations with the web apps above would also be sufficient for users of all kinds, both beginner and advanced.

Analytics & Reporting

Doing business is no less than the mathematics of making money, by contributing to the lives of the customers. This is why you should know your sales figure and statistics, that is being reported on a real-time basis by FlexiFunnels. Data-driven businesses operate more efficiently. Using the FlexiFunnels reporting dashboard, you can filter out any kind of information as per your business needs.

We also have a custom code option for you to add other analytics codes onto your header and body. So that you can make sales-friendly business decisions as per the analytics and reporting.

Checkout Pages

Checkout Pages are as crucial as your homepage/landing pages, that is because your potential customer is going to make a buying decision at this crucial point. Here are some conversion-friendly checkout page elements that can boost your online business site sales:

  1. Multiple Payment Gateway integration

With multiple payment gateway integrations your customers also get freedom to choose their preferred payment option. Keeping such minute customers interest in mind will also leave a good impression of your business on your customers to be as they will find you more trustable with more payment gateway options.

You can add both International and Indian Payment Gateways using FlexiFunnels. We have direct integrations with PayPal, Razorpay, Stripe, and Cashfree. This means you will not have to use other paid third-party automation tools like Zapier and Pabbly, to collect your payments.

2. Multiple Billing Options

By multiple billing options, we mean that you can create a stream of online sales income by offering recurring payment options in form of subscriptions or memberships. Along with the one-time payment option, recurring payment options can be billed by you using FlexiFunnels. This is especially useful when you are offering high-ticket services/products to your target audience. With such billing options, your customers/clients will feel at ease too.

3. Review and Testimonials

Adding reviews and testimonials in form of images and/or videos to one’s checkout pages can increase sales conversions and online sales revenue as well. Doing this is not easily possible with other normal-looking checkout pages. But you can do easily using drop-and-drop page builders like FlexiFunnels.

With FlexiFunnels you can add image reviews or video reviews to your checkout pages. We offer you ready-made professionally made templates of checkout pages as well.

4. Cart Abandon Rate

Inside FlexiFunnels, you will customizable countdown timers that can be set in any global time zone. That’s not it, there is more to it. You can make edit and customize the entire look of your countdown timers. You can also configure its settings, to turn it into an advanced countdown timer in the following way:

5. Countdown Timers

Countdown Timers also have a major influence on buying decisions. This is because countdown timers promote quick decision-making and impulsive buying subsequently.

Inside FlexiFunnels, you will customizable countdown timers that can be set in any global time zone. That’s not it, there is more to it. You can make an edit and customize the entire look of your countdown timers. You can also change its settings, to turn it into an advanced countdown timer that suits your business.

For example:

  • Do Nothing – Nothing on the landing page will change, it will remain as it is.
  • Hide Countdown Timer – Hide the countdown timer, Once it expires.
  • Redirect to URL – Redirect to a new URL once the timer is expired.
  • Message – Show a message on the expiry of your countdown timer.
  • And many other configuration settings are there for countdown timers offered to you by FlexiFunnels.

Upsells and Downsells

Upsell and Downsells are not new-age selling concepts. In fact, if you remember buying a notebook from stationery; you will recall the shopkeeper offering a pen with it at last during billing. Let’s say, you choose to buy it. Then here, the pen will become an upsell. And if case you refuse to buy a pen, and the shopkeeper instead offers you a pencil to buy. This will be called ‘down-sell’, if you choose to buy pencil instead of pen.

In simple words, any saleable offer that increases your average order value will be called upsell. Likewise, any saleable offers that decreases your average order value will be called down-sell. Either way, with both upsell and down-sell you can increase your sales revenue.

To do this online you need a sales funnel builder. For this, you should be able to divide your products/services in such a way, that your upsell and down-sell becomes an irresistible offer for your customers.

With a sales funnel builder like FlexiFunnels, creating such a funnel of upsell and down-sell is easy. In fact, this tricky concept has even made been simple in our learning modules on Funnel Growth Systems (FGS). That you will get this soon after you become a FlexiFunnels user at no extra cost.

Bump offers

Bump Offers are another good tactic to increase your online sales. So what is a bump offer?

Bump Offers are sale offers that you can make right below your checkout page to increase your average order value. It will look something like this.

FlexiFunnels Bump Offer To Increase Online Sales
FlexiFunnels Bump Offer to Increase Online Sales

With bump offers, also you can easily upsell and/or down-sell your products/services. As bump offers are offered at the checkout page when your customer is making their buying decisions with full concentration and consideration. This serves as a good opportunity to pitch those products/services that complement their purchase item.

With FlexiFunnels you can add double bump offers and increase your chances of increasing the average order value. The double bump offer feature is no less than a privilege because only a few sales funnel builder offers it.

A/B Split Testing

A/B Split Testing is an effective way to find out better-performing pages. By performing pages we mean, by A/B Split testing you can find out which of your pages converts well. It can either be in the form of sales or email sign-ups. With A/B Split Testing, your sales can increase too.

For this, you need to experiment with major notable things. They are as follows:

  1. Landing Page Header Section
  2. Headline
  3. Call To Action Buttons
  4. Images
  5. Videos
  6. Page Layout Design and;
  7. Pricing Table etc.

Basically, you need to test out what matters more to your page visitors and what they are likely to see when they visit your page for themselves. This is possible with FlexiFunnels we do not just funnel making, but even A/B Split testing has been made easy and convenient for all kinds of users.

Things to do after designing website

After designing your website you can literally turn it into an online sales machine by doing the following:

Paid Digital Advertising

The benefit of paid digital advertising is that you can get closer to your target audience with the help of digital technology. Imagine publishing an ad in a newspaper, hoping that someone from your target customer base would see your advertisement. It may or may not happen.

Besides paying for ads on newspapers, television, and radio can be expensive if it is not giving your returns in form of sales.

Another disadvantage is that people cannot take quick buying decisions, the way they take decisions on seeing an ad of yours on Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc. platforms. Paid digital advertising needs some technical know-how and a good understanding of your customer base, which will help in better targeting and conversions.

You can do paid advertisement in the form of:

A. Social Media Paid Ads

B. Native Ads

C. Search Engine Results / Display Ads.

D. Mobile Apps Ads

E. Email Ads

You need not opt for all mediums of ads rather, you should choose to go where your market goes almost every day. Using various mediums, you can then bring all of them to your websites/ landing pages to bring online sales.

Difference between Advertising and Marketing

Advertising is not just for bringing sales, it is also done for customer acquisition. While, marketing helps in brand building, customer retention, as well as customer acquisition. Be it done using the online or offline medium, the purpose of advertising and marketing remains the same.

Organic Digital Marketing

Organic digital marketing means that you can do for free by giving it your own effort and tim. One fine way to do that is by making use of search engines like Google, and various social media channels. This is a good medium to get discovered when people search for you. Following are the two types of organic digital marketing mediums:

  1. Social Media Marketing
  2. Search Engine Marketing

Social Media Marketing

There are so many social media out there, you can also increase your online sales revenue using them. For this, you need to see where your target audience can be the most, as per your business type. For example, if you are selling fashion apparel for Gen-Z, your main target market would be Instagram. Some of the benefits of doing social media marketing not just includes increase in online sales, it also stands important for the following reasons:

  • Helps in your organic brand growth
  • Helps in building a niche-interested audience
  • Helps build a brand presence for free
  • Eventually, all this helps in building brand loyalty as well as brand trust too

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing can result in organic revenue growth for your business, provided it is done properly. For doing Search Engine Marketing (SEM) you need to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The success of SEO depends on the emergence of quality content marketing. You can do SEO for the following:

A. Your Business Website

B. Your Landing Pages and;

C. Your Blog

With FlexiFunnels also you can do SEO for the aforementioned things. However, SEO takes its own time to show its results. Till then you can create your Google My Business (GMB) section. You can also mention your website on public platforms like Medium, Facebook, Facebook Groups, Quora, Quora Space, etc.

As a business owner, you may want to spend some of your budget on SEO for Search Engine Marketing. The reason is, SEO required specialized know-how that can be handled efficiently by professionals working on it actively. Prefer doing Local SEO first, then targeting country-wide SEO. You can also do International SEO if it is your business need. For example, Export-Import business.

Other types of paid digital marketing

Business is done every day. This is why it becomes important for you to show up every day. You cannot run paid ads every day. This is where you need to make other types of digital marketing efforts. Some of them are:

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Influencer Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

With the help of affiliate marketing, you can choose to promote and sell your products through affiliates. They are the ones who are into marketing, due to which they can help you make sales and in return, you pay a certain percentage or amount of sales commission. Handling all this manually is not a good idea. To keep track of things easily you need an affiliate management system. With FlexiFunnels you can start your own affiliate marketing program for your online courses, services, etc.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing equals using word of mouth by prominent people in your industry or market. For example, if you want to sell your online course on export-import business. This is where you can reach out to any YouTuber who has a YouTube channel dedicated to career opportunities for youth. For this, you can need to find out their contact details on their official page conveniently. Another thing is you need to know your business very well, to find out where your target audience can be found.

How to make an online business sales website profitable?

After taking care of the technical and non-technical factors, you need to take care of the commercial side of your website. For this, you should try to learn digital marketing as well. A-Z digital marketing details have been taught inside FlexiFunnels Funnel Growth System (FGS) at no extra cost for all FlexiFunnels users. Practical knowledge of the Funnel Growth System and FlexiFunnels platform itself,

Funnel Growth System FlexiFunnels to learn online sales
FlexiFunnels Funnel Growth System Learning Modules to learn how to boost online sales revenue

Google is not enough for your business.

One needs to learn how to make online revenue and profits with the help of a website, landing pages, social media, and email marketing as well. To form an overall sales and marketing funnel

Learn using one online sales tool for business

You need to learn online marketing for growing your online business successfully. Inside the ‘Funnel Growth System’ of FlexiFunnels, we have explained every concept and plan for creating sales revenue-generating online business.

It is available for free for all paid users. With its help, you can practically learn how to scale and grow your business profitably using online marketing principles. FlexiFunnels is a tool to execute all the learnings, then and there.

Using all three mediums together, you can then plan to make a funnel for your website visitors. A funnel is a business model design with which you can retain your old customers/clients and gain new customers/clients. It is like automating your business with the help of web pages. As we always say, creating one funnel is like creating multiple-sales channels; this is why you should consider creating a business funnel for yourself.

Tell us, what is your business type and what you want to do for business online. For this, simply drop us a message or schedule a call with Team FlexiFunnels.

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