FlexiFunnels or Kajabi? What is best for you? Explained

In the world of doing online business, Kajabi has quite a name. It is an old player that has helped many launch their websites, courses, membership sites, etc. But there is a new player cum online software tool that is turning out to be better than Kajabi. Its name is FlexiFunnels. A detailed comparison has also been made here in this article for you to know more about FlexiFunnels v/s Kajabi. When it comes to choosing an online platform for online business much research has to be done, agreed?

This is why we are here to make your online research easy. So that it helps you in making an informed decision, as to which online business automation tool you should use for yourself and your clients.

KAJABI and FLEXIFUNNELS | Features in common

FlexiFunnels and Kajabi both are equally good as website builders, sales funnel builders, and course hosting platforms. Do you know why? Both Kajabi and FlexiFunnels have a lot in common in terms of their function, design, and use. We have made a tabulated version of each of their common features so that you can take a quick look at all major common features.

FlexiFunnels versus Kajabi Common Features Comparison
FlexiFunnels versus Kajabi Common Features

Kajabi versus FlexiFunnels | Comparison of differences

Both Kajabi and FlexiFunnels are online business software that is somewhat similar to each other in their function and use. Below you will see how both of their features differ from each other. You can go through it to find out which of the two is going to suit your business type and your business needs more in the long term.

1. Website Creation and Hosting

As you saw in the table above, both Kajabi and FlexiFunnels are going to give you free website hosting. One difference arises in the number of websites each can host for you.

FlexiFunnels versus Kajabi webiste creation

Benefits of integrated website hosting

A business website is like a business property with which you can capitalize and monetize revenue online. Think about it, would it not be more convenient to see how your websites are performing from just one central platform? One that gives a detailed real-time performance reporting dashboard, for each of your sites. FlexiFunnels helps you do online business with such kind of comfort and convenience.

2. Unlimited Courses

FlexiFunnels versus Kajabi course creation

Benefits of unlimited course hosting

If you are someone who aims to create and upload as many online video courses as you want, you can do that inside FlexiFunnels. Here with our unlimited course hosting service, you can literally create a library of your online classes and courses. You cannot do this with Kajabi as only a limited number of courses can be created with its plan. We have mentioned all the information about it below.

3. Product Creation

Here, ‘Products’ stands for all digital products and services that can be sold online. This also includes online courses and membership sites.

Product Creation Kajabi

Benefits of unlimited product creation

As a business owner, you know the importance of product diversification. It is one of the classic business strategies to increase sales volumes.

In such a case, you would want to choose FlexiFunnels to keep your business up and running. As every successful online business has to evolve and scale with time.

4. OTT Level Anti-Piracy Protection

Before you move on to our next table, please be familiar with the following terms to understand things well:

  • Video Encoding: This means no user will be able to download any of your video course content.
  • Prevent shared login: Your revenue will not get divided among users who try to share their credentials with others. As FlexiFunnels restricts viewing courses from more than two devices at a time.
  • Screen-recording prevention: Anybody who tries to do a screen recording of your course will get identified. As user details of respective users will get flashed on the video while it is playing.
FlexiFunnels versus Kajabi course creation 1 2

This way FlexiFunnels, can save your revenue loss from online course piracy, better than Kajabi. We have had such advanced features from the beginning of our launch. This is why we mention it clearly on our official FlexiFunnels Home Page too.

5. Transaction Fees

Transaction fees mean a nominal amount charged on every sale that you make on the platform. You can also call it a ‘platform fee.

image 9
(Asterisk here denotes that your chosen payment gateway integration will also charge a separate merchant processing fee as transaction fees)

To keep up coming with advanced feature updates we charge only a 1 percent transaction fee on every sale that you make. While Kajabi charges no transaction fee as such.

6. Membership Site Creation

image 10
If you are a beginner, you must be in doubt thinking that if you will be able to reach such numbers or not. With FlexiFunnels’ ‘Funnel Growth System (FGS)’ we can teach you the essence of important digital marketing skills to help you attain such numbers of enrollment. Kajabi also has a learning resource by the name of, “Kajabi University.” But the thing is FlexiFunnels’ Funnel Growth System (FGS) is going to give you more practical, doable, and actionable ground-level learning. The same can also help you in getting positive results for your business, our Trustpilot reviews say it all.

7. Direct Payment Integrations

Using Zapier and Pabbly, you can integrate various web apps with your chosen platform. On both platforms you can also add Webhook, to integrate with the web apps of your choice.
image 11
This way with FlexiFunnels, you will be able to tap one of the largest markets in the world -that is India. Note that, Razorpay and Cashfree are two Indian Payment Gateways above that function globally for businesses all around the world.

8. Funnel Creation

You can create various types of funnels using FlexiFunnels and Kajabi. Be it an evergreen webinar funnel, email option funnel, affiliate marketing funnel, or sales funnel, etc. All this, using their advanced funnel logic system in combination with landing pages, bump offers, coupon codes, countdown timers, etc.
Yet, there are certain differences between the two for you to know.
image 12
We know how funnels can fully automate your online business. This is why we have made sure to give you a sufficient number of funnels to create. A set of 50 funnels are like 50 different ways to boost sales.

9. In-App Email Campaigns
With Kajabi, you can do email campaigns from within their app. While with FlexiFunnels, you can use an email autoresponder of your choice to do email marketing.
image 13
With such a feature, you will be able to understand how and when to send emails with every funnel step, especially if you are a beginner. But it is better to have all email lists centralized in one place which happens with a robust autoresponder. This way you will also be able to do cross-channel promotion conveniently.

10. On-boarding Call Support

When it comes to serving customers, both platforms are doing their best to serve their customer’s interests. Still, there is one slight difference between FlexiFunnels and Kajabi here. That is onboarding call support. It is a call that users usually get after purchasing a subscription to the software.

You will see below that FlexiFunnels is giving 3 onboarding calls, while Kajabi is giving 2 onboarding calls. The reason it matters is, suppose you get stuck anywhere and you need a 1-to-1 guidance call also. At FlexiFunnels we give you the flexibility of booking your onboarding call at your convenience and availability.
image 14
11. Pricing

FlexiFunnels and Kajabi Pricing are as follows:
image 15
This was all about the comparison of similarities and differences between FlexiFunnels versus Kajabi. We hope we were able to help you out in the best possible manner. At FlexiFunnels, each of our customer’s success stories becomes one of our success stories. Since the launch in 2022, we have generated about 100s of positive results.
FlexiFunnels User Review on Trustpilot
FlexiFunnels Reviews as on November 2022

You can see in public review platforms like Trustpilot, FlexiFunnels is proving to be both useful and profitable for its users. As with FlexiFunnels Funnel Growth System (FGS) and with FlexiFunnels’ advanced features, people are trying to turn their efforts into positive results.

This is to give you attain results with double capacity. You too can be one of our success stories. We are here for you and your business. Feel free to drop us a message or book a call with us for that.
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