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FlexiFunnels versus Kartra Review | With 11 Strong Points of Comparison

FlexiFunnels versus Kartra Review Comparison Article

FlexiFunnels versus Kartra | 11 Major Pointer Comparison

An online business tool is no less than a digital asset using which can monetize your earnings. With so many tools in the market, you must be getting confused as to which online business software can be the best for the future of your biz. Among them, the two top online business builders are FlexiFunnels and Kartra too. So which of the two options is a right fit for you? To help you make an informed decision as per your business needs, we have made a side-by-side alternative comparison of FlexiFunnels versus Kartra in this post. 

FlexiFunnels versus Kartra Review | Side-by-side comparison details 

FlexiFunnels-logo, flexifnnels-hd-logo
FlexiFunnels versus Kartra Review
Kartra Logo

The following comparison between FlexiFunnels and Kartra has been made as per its current features.

Both Kartra and FlexiFunnels are no-code drag-and-drop page builders, whose built pages are mobile-responsive. 

I. KARTRA: Kartra drag-and-drop page builder has an easy user interface. With its help of it you can also edit and customize its 100+ pre-designed full-page templates for your online business. Each of them has been divided and organized as per a funnel’s purpose. For example, they have a set of video sales pages, coming soon pages, blog pages, squeeze email pages, etc. Such narrow and detailed categorization can help you design your funnel too. 

II. FLEXIFUNNELS: FlexiFunnels has business goal specific 350+ website templates to give that are specially and professionally designed by occupational graphic designers, copywriters, and marketers. 

You will also get templates of various categories as per the various funnel steps. The best part is, we cover every major business niche and industry in our template page designs.

Definitely, you are to find a collection of much richer, denser, and diversified ready-made page design templates than that of Kartra. No kidding. 

Plus you get a super speedy page loading speed, no matter how heavy your website design is, due to our top-notch CDN (Content Delivery Network) hosting.

It’s time to know the major differences between FlexiFunnels versus Kartra in detail, now. Let’s dive in!   

1.] Custom Domain Integration | FlexiFunnels versus Kartra

Custom domains are important from the brand-building point of view. There are two ways in which you can add your custom domains. One way is by changing CNAME records and the other way is by changing A-records in the DNS settings of your host provider. What happens then?

  • With CNAME records your page visitors see your web address as: 
  • With A Records your page visitors will see a more sophisticated web address of yours as:

So in which of the two funnel builders are you getting to change both CNAME and A Records? 

  • KARTRA: Any Kartra website custom domain integration can be done using CNAME records only as of now. At Kartra you get to add up to 10 custom domains at a $1440/year price. 
  • FLEXIFUNNELS: With FlexiFunnels, you can integrate your web address using both CNAME and A-Records. But with FlexiFunnels you will get to add 9 custom domains at a $397/year price. That is quite amazing, right?

2.] FlexiFunnels versus Kartra | The number of products to sell

Digital deliverables or digital asset delivery can be made using Kartra and FlexiFunnels. There is no limit. It is all unlimited. The uploading and hosting of your digital products. 

  • KARTRA: However in Kartra’s Starter plan, you can sell only 20 products at its $240/year annual plan. In its higher price plans, you get to sell unlimited products though. 
  • FLEXIFUNNELS: With FlexiFunnels starting pricing plan you can sell unlimited products at the $397/year plan itself. 

3.] Video Course Hosting: If you are into course creation or online teaching and you are wondering what can be a better choice for you between FlexiFunnels versus Kartra…Read this then. 

  • KARTRA:  Kartra provides unlimited course hosting in its higher plans only. While in its starter plan you get to upload only 50 videos at $240/year. 
  • FLEXIFUNNELS: With FlexiFunnels, you can upload unlimited courses, that get OTT-level protection at $397/year. This means we give you: video encoding, video watermarking, protection from online course piracy, and revenue saving from undue account sharing altogether at a price lesser than Kartra’s higher-paid plans. 

You can know more about this super-feature of ours, here in FlexiFunnels Course and Membership Hosting

4.] Membership Sites |FlexiFunnels versus Kartra

An online course hosting platform usually has membership sites, wherein all your enrolled members can easily engage with your course content, digital deliverables, funnel engagements, etc. Inside both Kartra and FlexiFunnels Membership sites can be created. But some differences between them are: 

  • KARTRA: With Kartra you can create unlimited memberships, which means it will be easy for you to scale your business all in one place. Because of unlimited membership features, Kajabi also makes sure you stay organized with all your members. 

For this, you can create multi-membership portals as well for cross-sales opportunities. This is similar to creating lists in email marketing if you know. 

  • FLEXIFUNNELS: With FlexiFunnels you are not to get unlimited memberships right now. With our Premium price plan of INR 29,500 ($397), you can host up to 10,000-course members. While with our INR 55,460 ($697) you can host 50,000-course members. This is what you will get in total in one account of yours.

5.] FlexiFunnels versus Kartra | Double Bump Offers

With bump offers you can increase your average cart value. This means an increase in sales revenue. 

  • KARTRA: Inside Kartra, you can add a single bump offer, but;
  • FLEXIFUNNELS: Inside FlexiFunnels, you can double-bump offers. Do you know what the advantage of it is?

It means you increase your chances of making bump offer sales. Since bump offers are optional sales-boosting features if your customer rejects one bump offer. They may select another bump offer type, offered by you just before completing their checkout. 

6.] Email Autoresponder Integrations | FlexiFunnels versus Kartra

With the help of email marketing, you can stay in touch with your leads and customers for a really long time. This happens with an email opt-in funnel and a ready email sequence. 

  • KARTRA: Kartra has direct integrations with a few autoresponders like SendGrid, MailGun, Elastic Mail, and Postmark. With direct integration, you will not have to use any paid tool like Zapier or Pabbly to pass on the data of your email sign-ups. 
  • FLEXIFUNNELS: FlexiFunnels has direct integrations with:
    • Active Campaign
    • Sendlane
    • Aweber
    • Mailchimp
    • GetResponse
    • Constant Contact 
    • iContact 

So yes, options for email autoresponders are more inside FlexiFunnels. We also have a webhook feature with which you can integrate any autoresponder of your choice without the need for any 3rd party tool like Zapier or Pabbly for that matter. 

7]. FlexiFunnels versus Kartra | Email & SMS Marketing

  •  KARTRA: You can send emails using Kartra Mail. It is their in-app mailing system. With it, you can build email campaigns and email sequences in canvas mode using its IF and THEN logic. 

If you have a huge list of leads and a good budget, Kartra email is something you can consider for doing online business on automation, without an autoresponder.

Kartra Monthly Plan Price Leads Allowed Kartra Email Limit 
$99/month2,500 Leads 15,000 emails/month
$199/month Up to 12,500 LeadsUnlimited Emails
$299/month Up to 25,000 Leads Unlimited Emails
Kartra Email Pricing Plan

With Kartra, you can also set up SMS Marketing sequences. But for that, you might have to integrate it with some other SMS web app like Twillio using Zapier or Pabbly. 

  • FLEXIFUNNELS: For doing email marketing with FlexiFunnels, you need an autoresponder which is still cost-savvy in comparison to the total pricing fee of Kartra. Most of the platforms do have in-app email service but there are chances of seeing your sent email in the ‘Promotions’ tab, instead of the ‘Primary’ tab of the mailbox. This is why a wise choice will be to use a proper autoresponder for email marketing.

SMS marketing can be done by using webhooks to connect FlexiFunnels with any SMS marketing web app of your choice. Whatever SMS marketing app you choose, make sure that it has integrations with your chosen automation platform.

Like Kartra, FlexiFunnels also has ‘click-to-call’ and ‘click-to-text’ contact options. Here, ‘Click-To-Call’ means your customers will be able to call directly from your business website. This becomes possible when you will add your business number there. While with ‘Click-To-Text’ your customers will be able to contact you with any instant messaging app of their choice. Like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger. With the help of all this, you can turn a sales inquiry into a sale! 

8.] Cart Abandon Notifications | FlexiFunnels versus Kartra

The abandoned cart needs a follow-up funnel too, as abandoned cart users are equal to qualified leads. By recovering abandoned cart sales you can increase your revenue and profit margin all together. So what happens between FlexiFunnels versus Kartra when it comes to cart abandonment? 

  • KARTRA: With Kartra, you need to separately make your own cart abandonment settings. Any mistakes here can cause sales-to-funnel leakage, meaning you might end up losing sales.
  • FLEXIFUNNELS: FlexiFunnels on the other hand automatically tracks your abandoned cart. That you will be able to see its real-time advanced analytics dashboard. So that you can ask you can timely call your lost prospect or launch an email sequence for them. 

9.] Sales funnels building | FlexiFunnels versus Kartra

Building sales and marketing funnels are not easy. Your confusion regarding upsells, downsells, one-time offers (OTO), etc. can cost you your sales revenue. With Kartra and FlexiFunnels, you can do funnel building as well as A/B Split testing of your pages, but here’s the real deal.

  • KARTRA: Funnels building with Kartra can be complex and confusing for beginners. Yes, they have a training program named ‘Katranaut’ to teach you all that. But they are mostly product-oriented as to how you can use Kartra.
  • FLEXIFUNNELS: With FlexiFunnels funnel builder, you can design your entire funnel with a one-page one-logic approach. We have made our product + result-oriented learning program (FlexiFunnels’ Funnel Growth System) so simple that our advanced funnel builder is also easy to use. How? You can see here how the funnel building has been made easy.

As a FlexiFunnel user, you will not just learn how to make funnels, you will learn practical ‘How-to’ ways to make your sales funnels profitable. All this is inside FlexiFunnels Funnel Growth System (FGS). 

10.] Payment Gateways: Payment Gateways integrations matter a lot when it comes to winning the trust of a buyer, with highly converting checkout pages and fully secure payment transactions.  

  • KARTRA: Kartra has direct integrations with five payment gateways. They are Paypal, Braintree, Stripe, Square, and 
  • FLEXIFUNNELS: FlexiFunnels has integrations with four payment gateways right now. They are Paypal, Stripe, Razorpay, and Cashfree. 

But anything that makes us more secure to conduct online business transactions is our DDOS protection. This is something that Kartra has not mentioned on any of their pages. Plus, with Razorpay and Cashfree you will be able to easily collect Indian payments. 

Do you know?

Major worldwide banks and financial institutions spend money on buying anti-DDOS protection software. FlexiFunnels is saving you money and giving you in-app DDOS protection at no extra fees.   

11.] FlexiFunnels versus Kartra | Pricing Plan

  • KARTRA: Kartra has monthly and yearly pricing plans. Its monthly starting price plan starts from $99/month to $499/month. While its annual plan starts from $240/year to $1440/year.  
  • FLEXIFUNNELS: FlexiFunnels has an annual pricing plan. Its Professional plan is Rupees 29,500 ($397/year) and Rupees 55,460 ($697/year).  
FlexiFunnels User Review on Trustpilot
FlexiFunnels user review of 4.9/5, as on November 2022

(Image Source: Trustpilot)

Kartra platform has its pros and cons, which we have mentioned here in this FlexiFunnels versus Kartra article of ours. Especially when it comes to the Katra pricing plan you can get a lot of advanced features using the affordable FlexiFunnels.

Pricing Plan Table of FlexiFunnels
FlexiFunnels Pricing Table

This brings us to the end FlexiFunnels versus Kartra comparison article. Now you can know if you use Kartra for online courses you can upload unlimited course videos, but with FlexiFunnels’ stronger anti-piracy OTT level protection you can upload unlimited courses here, as well. Likewise, Kartra only teaches how to use Kartra with Katranaut for free. But FlexiFunnels Funnel Growth System (FGS) will not only teach you how to use FlexiFunnels. Here you will also know how to do profitable online business using digital marketing at no extra cost. To discover more about FlexiFunnels’ premium digital marketing courses for your online business now. 

Feel free to book a call or drop a text to us to know how FlexiFunnels funnel builder can be useful for your online business. Or to inquire more about FlexiFunnels versus Kartra with us. We will be there for you.

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