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Kajabi Alternative Sites | BEST 10 SITES LIST

Today, the Internet is the most powerful tool to start online classes and teach online courses. Here, you can teach 100s and 1000s of students together by running your recorded and live classes online. This is where the importance of an online course/class hosting platform arises. If you are someone who wants to start their online course or you want to start teaching online, then this a must-read for you before you start.

What is an online course hosting platform?

Online course hosting platforms are nothing but platforms where you can teach online. Many tutors, teachers, creators, coaches, and mentors, like you, are now switching to online teaching. Be it teaching for free on YouTube, or using a proper Learning Management System (LMS) to run their course funnel. The online education ecosystem is at its evolution now. In fact per KPMG, digital learning is one of the quickest-growing markets with a 900% growth rate since 2000. 


  1. High-profit margin in online coaching
  2. Easy scalability of online classes
  3. Large outreach with help of the Internet

So if you are one of those who want to turn their knowledge into their income. Read on further, to know better.

What is Kajabi used for? 

Kajabi Online Course Builder
Online Course Hosting Platform: Kajabi

Kajabi is an online course-hosting platform with the help of which you can create online learning resources. This includes courses, coaching modules, podcasts, membership-based courses, and subscription-based courses. Kajabi also hosts multimedia course content, along with giving in-app tools like

  • Online Sales Payment Integration (with Paypal and Stripe)
  •  In-App Marketing Tools
  • Customer Relation Management (CRM) facilities 
  • Readymade business page templates
  • Course funnel creation features 

How much does Kajabi cost?

The pricing plan of Kajabi is as follows:

  • Its monthly plan ranges between $149/per month to $399/per month. 
  • Its annual plan ranges, from $ 119/per month to $319/per month. It is billed annually.   
kjabi pricing, kajabi pricing plan
Image Source – Kajabi

This can be expensive for beginner and small business owners.

Why look for alternatives to Kajabi?

Go through the list, and you will soon find out why.

Best 10 Kajabi-Like Alternatives 

1.] FlexiFunnels

FlexiFunnels-logo, flexifnnels-hd-logo
Image Source: FlexiFunnels

FlexiFunnels is one of the best alternatives to Kajabi because of the following features:

  • Unlimited Courses: FlexiFunnels course hosting platform gives the option to upload unlimited courses. So that your teaching endeavors never stop. 

You cannot do this with Kajabi. That is because it allows uploading of only 3 products and 3 funnels for 1 website at a $149 per month plan. Whereas, in its highest plans you will get 100 products and 100 funnels for 3 websites. With the capacity to host only 20,000 active members, at its highest $399/MONTH plan.

On the other hand, FlexiFunnels offers unlimited products and 200 funnels for 9 websites. With the capacity to host 50,000 members, at its highest $697/YEAR plan.

FlexiFunnels Pricing Plan
Source – Flexifunnels.com

 This is the biggest turning point for anyone who is looking for Kajabi alternatives.

With FlexiFunnels you can lengthen your entire sales funnel and customer retention funnel by uploading as many courses and delivering as many digital assets as you want. 

  • Anti-piracy online course protection: FlexiFunnels will save you from online revenue loss that you may suffer from online piracy. For this, we have multiplied our security measures to save you from multiple piracy attempts. 

Some of those features and facilities include: 

  • Encoding downloads: This means no user will be able to download any of your video course content. 
  • Video Watermarking: Anybody who tries to do a screen recording of your course will get identified. As user details of respective users will get flashed on the video while it is playing. 
  • Login control for IP tracking: Your revenue will not get divided among users who try to share their credentials with others. FlexiFunnels restricts course view from more than two devices at a time. 

All such promising features are not present anywhere in Kajabi. This is why FlexiFunnels is one of the best alternatives to Kajabi, after all, safety comes first. 

  • Pricing: FlexiFunnels has a yearly plan that costs Rupees 29,500 ($397). It means you will be paying approximately only $33/month to take advantage of each of its unlimited features. Kajabi on the other side costs $149 per month when billed monthly. And $119 per month when billed annually.  

*Want to know more about FlexiFunnels? Tap here*

FlexiFunnels User Review on Trustpilot -
FlexiFunnels Reviews as on November 2022

2.] Graphy

Graphy by Unacademy Logo
Image Source: Graphy

Graphy is another alternative for hosting online courses. It has recently gained popularity because of the features it is providing. Some of them are: 

  • Uncountable Products for a global audience: With Kajabi, you can create limited courses. For example, at its $199/month plan, you will be limited to 15 courses.

With Graphy you can sell as many courses as you want to a global audience, as it gives you integration with Paypal, Stripe, and native local payment processing gateways. It also provides:

  • Net Banking, Online Payment Wallets, etc. for India. 
  • It has integrations with Flutter which is native to African countries.  
  • It has integrations with Square too which is native to the USA. This way you can make your learners comfortable with native payment gateways. 

But the biggest fallback of Graphy is that charges 10 percent platform transaction fees. That means it will take Rs. 1000 from every Rs. 10000 that you make. Then your chosen payment gateways will also deduct their own processing fees later.

graphy pricing, graphy price
Image Source- Graphy

On the other hand, FlexiFunnels charges only 1 percent of platform transaction fees.  

  • Unlimited Active Learners: Kajabi’s biggest setback is it limits the number of enrollments and products with every paid plan. You cannot have unlimited enrollments in your course area but with Graphy you can launch multiple products for unlimited active learners.
  • Pricing: Graphy basic plan starts from Rupees 19,999, which is just an onboarding fee. While, Kajabi’s per-month plan when billed annually is $119/per month to $319/per month. 

So there is not much price difference between Graphy and Kajabi. Just that Graphy has a basic lower-cost plan for the starters.

3.] Teachable

Teachable Logo, teachabl hd  logo download
Image source: Teachable

Teachable also gives competition to Kajabi at certain pointers which makes it stand in our list of best 10. Here are the reasons:

  • Unlimited Students: With Teachable, you can add unlimited students as your course enrollment. 

However, with Kajabi, neither you can create unlimited courses nor you can enroll unlimited members inside them. This can be painful when you are trying to scale your already-established coaching business

  • Payment Integrations Options: Teachable has more payment processing integration options. This includes integration with Paypal, Razorpay, Stripe, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc. This is good to gain the trust and confidence of your leads, who want to enroll. 

But Kajabi only has direct integration with Stripe and Paypal. In fact, even Zapier has no integrations with Google Pay or Apple Pay as of now. 

  • Pricing: For those who are just starting, for them, Teachable can be a choice due to its basic plan price which starts from $39/month. As for Kajabi per month, the price is $149. 

Teachable also has a Pro plan that costs $119/month. While its Business plan is $299/month. This way Teachable pricing plan is flexible for all kinds of users. 

teachable pricing, teachable price
Image Source – Teachable

4.] LearnDash

LearnDash WordPress LMS
Image Source: Learn Dash

LearDash is another option to go for as an alternative. The reason behind it is as follows:

  • WordPress plugin: As a WordPress plugin, you can use LearnDash with any of your WordPress sites. The benefit of this is, your course content can be enhanced with extra plugins and extensions. With Kajabi this cannot be done. You can integrate your WordPress site with Kajabi, but using LearnDash will let you add other plugins and extensions easily. 
  • Progress-based unlocking course content: With LearnDash you can set the automatic unlocking of course content, based on a user’s progress. This is an enhanced feature for creating learning motivation. The same is not possible with Kajabi. 
  • Video Bookmark: By using Learndash your learners can save their favorite lessons. For enabling such a feature you can use WP Favorite Posts plugin. As told earlier since LearnDash is a plugin, you can build enhanced learning experiences. With Kajabi this is not possible. 
  • Pricing: Learndash for one site costs $199/year. Whereas for 10 sites it costs $399/year. Yes, Learndash has annual pricing plans. Kajabi ‘s starting yearly plan price is $1,428/year for one site. This is because it is also a course funnel builder, online CRM, and email marketing tool altogether. 

Although Kajabi offers many other interesting features, if you are specifically looking for features like progress-based unlocking, LearnDash can be a good fit for you.

5.] Gurucan

Gurucucan Logo Online Course Teaching Platform
Image Source: Gurucan

Why choose Gurucan as your next online course hosting alternative?

  • White Label Mobile App: With the option of unlimited storage and unlimited push notifications Gurucan can create your own branded mobile application. The benefit of this is, you build a stronger personal brand image by looking more professional with an app. 

Such branding, storage, and product creation options are not available with Kajabi. 

  • Push Notifications: With your own branded mobile application you can also send push notifications to your learners every day. This will keep them motivated and engaged to learn daily. You can also share knowledge nuggets daily, to increase old customer retention and lengthen your customer value journey. 
image 2
Image Source – Gurucan

With Kajabi, you cannot do all such branding and customer retention via mobile apps. They only have their own app for the course creators. 

  • Advanced Course Security: Your created content needs protection from online piracy. For this, Gurucan, protects your paid courses from video download plugins and, undue account credential sharing, along with giving you unlimited protected 4K video hosting. 

All these promising features are not present in Kajabi. This means you can miss all the above benefits.  

  • Pricing: Gurucan has varied pricing plans. The monthly pricing plan of Gurucan starts from $99/month. Kajabi starts from $149/month. 

6.] Thinkific

Thinkific Kajabi Alternative
Image Source: Thinkific

You can create and sell courses online with Thinkific also. 

  • Thinkific App Store: With the Thinkific App store you can choose and install such online course tools and integrations with a few clicks. What this will do is you can include those features that will suit the learning needs of your enrollments. 

This includes integration with gamification apps like Motrain. Wherein you can motivate them for their growth by creating personalized reward programs. Such a learning personalization feature is missing in Kajabi right now. 

  • The number of integrations: This can surprise you but Kajabi has about 15+ direct integrations only as of now. While Thinkific promises to have 90+ integrations with various online business automation tools. 

For example, you can analyze student actions in your course area by directly installing Mixpanel inside Thinkific. This can be done with Kajabi too, but with the help of Zapier which is another paid tool. 

  • Pricing: Thinkific is also an affordable alternative. This is because its monthly paid plan starts from $99/month, but Kajabi’s monthly paid plan starts from $149/month. 
thinkifc pricing, thinkific kajabi alternative

7.] LearnWorlds

LearnWorlds Online Cousrse Hosting
Image Source: Learn Worlds

 If we want to make a side-by-side comparison of LearnWorlds v/s Kajabi, here are the following major differences that will arise:

  • White-Labelling: With LearnWorlds, you will be able to brand your online school/courses much better. On the other hand, by using Kajabi you will be able to remove its brand name, only in its highest $319/month plan. 

But LearnWorlds has leveled up here with white-labeled email notifications. This cannot be done with Kajabi as of now. 

  • SCORM supporting LMS: SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) is an international standard for e-courses. This means if you publish an online course in SCORM format, you can be assured that any LMS (Learning Management System) will recognize it. 

This means let’s say, you want to switch from one LMS to another without losing your uploaded courses. Without losing its data and analytics as well. A SCORM-supportive LMS is what you should be looking for. This technical feature is there in LearnWorlds but not in Kajabi. 

  • Pricing: The basic plan of Kajabi starts from $149/month, while the LearnWorlds Starter plan starts from $29/month. Price is a major factor among beginners. So for them, LearnWorlds basic plan can be an ideal choice. 

8.] Podia

Podia logo
Image Source: Podia

Podia is an online platform where you can build websites and sell courses. You can also host your course communities within the Podia course area. Such is the similarity between Podia and Kajabi. However, some of their differences make Podia an alternative to Kajabi. They are as follows:

  • Unlimited Customers/Enrollments: Kajabi allows only 1,000 active members in its $149/month plan. It allows 10,000 active members in its $199/month plan. And 20,000 active members in its $399/month plan. 

However, with Podia, you can add unlimited customers to all paid Podia plans. 

  • Course Creation: Inside Podia you can create unlimited courses in all of its paid plans. The same is not the case with Kajabi. The maximum number of products you can create inside Kajabi is 100, that too in its paid plan of $399/month. 

This is why from a long-term perspective of scaling business, Podia can be chosen by you. 

  • Pricing: Podia monthly plan starts from $39/per month to $199/per month. Whereas Kajabi, monthly paid plan starts from $149/month to $399/month. So, yes, Podia is a less expensive option for Kajabi.  

9.] Learnyst

Learnyst Online Course Teaching Platform
Image Source: Learnyst

Learnyst is another online teaching platform that turns out to be a better alternative for the following reasons: 

  • Sell Test Series: With Learnyst, you can sell test series of your subject. The test series can be created in multiple choice question (MCQ) quiz format. You can also create free mock test series to promote your paid test series. 

With Kajabi, you can create learning assessments., like quizzes. But, the same is not saleable separately. So those learners who sometimes do not want to enroll in your course but would like to practice what they have learned, so far. 

  • Offline course access: With Learnyst, you can create your own mobile application. The same will provide offline access to your course content. However, the same is not possible with even Kajabi mobile applications.
  • Course anti-piracy measures: Kajabi is loaded with online teaching features. However, Learnyst is better than Kajabi when it comes to security features. As Learnyst enables:
    • IP Address Tracking 
    • Single Device Restriction 
    • Dynamic Watermarking on video course and;
    • Parallel login restriction 

All such online course protection features are not in Kajabi. 

  • Pricing: Both, Learnyst and Kajabi do not take any platform transaction fee on any course sales made. Learnyst’s monthly price starts from INR 3,499 (Approx. $44/month), while Kajabi’s monthly price starts from $149/month (Approx. INR 12,102)

10] Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks Logo
Image Source: Mighty Networks

We also consider Mighty Networks as a close competitor of Kajabi. For example, you can host a live video broadcast streaming among your enrollments in Kajabi and Mighty Networks. 

However, you might consider choosing Mighty Networks for the following reasons: 

  • Course Mobile Application: Both Kajabi App and Mighty Networks App can be accessed in Google Play Store and Apple App Store.  

Mighty Networks will let you create your own branded white-label mobile app. Yes, one that can be downloaded from an app store. 

This means your enrollments will have ease of access to your courses with a mobile app of your own brand. This will be available in the Mighty Pro plan, for which you will have to contact their sales team. 

  • Number of Members Allowed: Mighty Networks allows adding unlimited members. This means you can sustain your old enrollments, along with your new enrollments in one place. 

However, Kajabi allows only 1,000 active members in its $149/month plan. It allows 10,000 active members in its $199/month plan. And 20,000 active members in its $399/month plan. 

This limited membership threshold can be a problem for you would not want to remove any of your old enrollments, as and when your enrollments increase with time. 

  • Course Community: One can create a course community on both platforms. A place where your enrollments can have discussions, questions, and associations with each other.

However, in Mighty Networks, you will get community analytics, where you can see how members’ community’ engagement metrics.

The problem with the hosting communities inside tools is that it reduces your mobility and you can not shift your entire community wherever you want.

  • Pricing: Mighty Networks’ monthly Community plan starts from $39/month. Whereas its Business plan starts from $119/month. There is certainly not much price difference between the two. 

Here is a quick sneak peek of the difference between the two online course hosting platforms, FlexiFunnels and Kajabi:

oPyy1XlnZKmv3o55cmH6VcN7kDgiUQNH0et55uoaY7HSr61QueAHv7roxX29Zm9R8B1t NkSDotLwOSzbN15pIrTPvh DtxMKI7oB5f2NDYrVZdUWeTpN6cZKAsE4ONLl AP P93Xd7VMCEDgihJt6FVFxy2rGb 7jrOGN4cMc4ZtoZ1G2AKo8ljL2eC6AXwtW3K6 Tza6L7VxJcn9KrqkFMjo Garu IgSX32QJvDyBp9LaKvkeqzwvPuvDo19qjYAhhPkYbf2 8I6oPQv3wKCL04dezXQfut0UJvem0I iZg Y1dKzuzHKD6ulAcmgPutQo3 4nQXVi0ATXX6aznXgDQ3k95wOz3ZOUJW5nmrWVcYJSWuDJ1ZutnXA
Number of course products Unlimited 3 to 100 (Pricing Plan wise)
Number of the course funnels 50 to 2003 to 100
Website Domain Integration 91 to 3
Number of active course enrollments hosting 10,000 to 50,0001,000 to 20,000
Payment Gateways Paypal, Stripe, Razorpay, Cashfree Paypal and Stripe 
Domain IntegrationVia CNAME and A RecordsVia CNAME only 
Features at starting pricing plans 

At $397/year FlexiFunnels will give you:

100,000/month Page Visits 
100 Pages
50 Funnels
Course Members
1% Transaction Fee
9 Domains
350+ Professionally made ready made templates
Unlimited Access
Unlimited Products
Funnel Growth System (FGS)
Professionally designed Templates
Sub-users Access
OTT Level Video Streaming For Course Videos
Course Video Piracy Protection
Converting Checkout Pages
Superfast CDN Hosting
Advanced Analytics
Data & Reports
Advanced Integrations
Automatic SSL
3-Minutes Live Chat Support
3 Complimentary 1-On-1 Live Success Calls
At $1428/year Kajabi will give you: 

3 Products
3 Funnels
Unlimited Landing Pages
Unlimited Marketing Emails
10,000 Contacts
1,000 Active Customers
1 Website
1 Admin User
Kajabi University
0% Transaction Fee
Webinars & Events
Ready to Use Templates
Assessments (Quizzes & Surveys)
1 Welcome Call with an Onboarding Specialist
1 Check-in Call with an Onboarding Specialist
Chat Support
Yearly Price Plan (Billed Annually)Professional Plan: $ 397/ year 
Premium Plan:$697/year 
Basic Plan: $1428/year 
Growth Plan:$1908/year
Pro Plan:$ 3,828/year 

Right from giving you a strict OTT level anti-piracy protection guarantee to helping you sell your courses with essential digital marketing skills in FlexiFunnels Funnel Growth System (FGS). You can upload and host your online courses on FlexiFunnels without any second thoughts. With FlexiFunnels, you can save your online revenue from piracy and generate your online revenue by building course funnels.

If you are someone who runs an online course without any profitable sales and marketing funnels you should check out FlexiFunnels then.  

You can get started with your online course funnel with FlexiFunnels now. Inside it, you will also find FlexiFunnels’ Funnel Growth System (FGS) that will teach you about practical ways of making 6-7 figure online sales with digital marketing. 

Don’t forget to share this article with those who you know can get help from it.  And feel free to book a demo or ask your questions in the chat. We would love to answer your questions and help you get started with FlexiFunnels.

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