What is FlexiFunnels | Your next profitable online business funnel builder

Gone are the times when creating even a single website for doing business online was difficult. Gone are the days when you would have to pay for dozens of plugins to create high-converting checkout pages. Gone are the days when you had to purchase 10+ tools to make your 1 website function fully. Because FlexiFunnels is here now, whose every feature is made for the ease of doing online business.

What is FlexiFunnels?

FlexiFunnels is an easy and effective business tool to create and launch websites, sales funnels, and online courses for doing business on the Internet.

So what is FlexiFunnels in simple words?

It is a funnel builder platform that helps businesses to create sales funnels, highly-converting checkout pages, and beautiful landing pages that load within a flash without any coding, using simple drag-and-drop technology.

You can also host & sell courses with in-built video streaming and OTT-level piracy-protected which makes the course videos non-downloadable. It is a funnel builder platform that helps businesses to create sales funnels, highly-converting checkout pages, and beautiful landing pages that load within a flash without any coding, using simple drag-and-drop technology.

In short, it is an all-in-one business centralization tool using which you can set up, manage, automate, and scale your entire online business from one single platform.

FlexiFunnels Main Features

Below you can see the major product features of FlexiFunnels. Note that, we keep developing new features to sustain ourselves as an advanced funnel builder tool. The following features have been made with laser focus attention on digital marketing and online sales of businesses:

1. Simple Drag & Drop Page Builder

FlexiFunnels’ website cum landing page editor is based on drag-and-drop technology. This means you can intuitively and visually create and edit your business page using your mouse with a simple drag-and-drop landing page editor. 

The websites made using FlexiFunnels are fully mobile responsive and optimized by default so you save a lot of your time and energy on mobile optimization.

With FlexiFunnels page editor, building landing pages is so simple that even a Class 6 student can create landing pages & websites.

How easy it is to use FlexiFunnels?

Because of such simplicity, even newbie entrepreneurs are building well-established businesses online. Most of them are from non-technical backgrounds, this is why we say FlexiFunnels is for everyone.

2. Ready To Use Landing Page Templates

You also get to grab FlexiFunnels’ special range of 300+ ready-to-use high-converting page templates. This includes a set of ready-made high-converting checkout page templates too.

You are getting business page templates for Local Businesses, Course Creators, Network Marketers, Digital Product Sellers, and Lead Generation. You will also get Sales, Upsell, Downsell, Checkout, Webinar Registration, Product Launch Formula, Service, Agency, B2B, and many more page templates for almost all niches and industries. 

The best part is that all these pages have Done-For-You premium web designs plus all the outline copies on these templates have been written by expert copywriters by keeping your needs in mind. Altogether made to get higher conversions than ever before.

This means there is no need for you to guesswork, you can make changes as per your taste. Rest the major work has already been done by us. 

With the help of FlexiFunnels page builder cum editor, you can customize any of our pre-built template pages as per your liking. This feature and facility of ours will save loads of your time. It is something, with which even a beginner can get their online journey started.   

3. Super Fast CDN Hosting and Accelerated Page Delivery

When your website/funnels do not run on CDN hosting, you would end up increasing your bounce rate. This means your potential customers would soon exit a slow-loading page and you would lose your sales revenue. 

Be it videos or images, FlexiFunnels optimization technology will make your page load super fast both on desktop and mobile devices. Which ultimately reduces your bounce rate and increases your conversions.

You can self-verify your page speed by using online tools like GTMetrix, Google Page Insights, etc.

flexifunnels page speed, flexifunnels speed, is  flexifunnels fast, FlexiFunnels landing pages
Source: GTMetrix

The real benefit of CDN hosting is its fast loading speed. Our CDN servers ensure the fastest level delivery of the website. 

This is how all-in-all FlexiFunnels is saving money for its users who don’t need to buy any CDN plan separately. This ultimately saves $24 to $249 per month.


4. Integrated Payment Gateway Integration

You can connect your business payment/checkout page with payment gateways like Paypal, Stripe, Razorpay, and Cashfree.

FlexiFunnels features,  FlexiFunnels payment gateway integration, FlexiFunnels payments

Not just this, multiple payment buttons can also be added on the checkout pages of FlexiFunnels.

You can also collect subscription-based payments using FlexiFunnels. This is to create an extra and long-term revenue stream for your business. Because of this, you can receive payments from around the world and can even connect local/national payment gateways to receive payments from India. 

5. Converting Checkout Pages

checkout pages, FlexiFunnels features, FlexiFunnels checkout pages

FlexiFunnels Checkout Pages are designed keeping in mind online consumer psychology. We give you such payment pages that are visually good and equally better at conversions. So why our checkout page designs are known to be high-converting?

To increase your sales revenue you can add the following design elements to your checkout pages:

  • Testimonials: This is to win their trust, by showcasing reviews of people who have trusted you already.
  • Countdown timers: This helps in creating a psychological urgency of scarcity and fear of missing out if they do not make a purchase.
  • Coupon Code: Instead of giving a discount, you can also give a coupon code and make it more rewarding for customers to make a purchase.
  • Bullets about the deliverable: This is useful for increasing sales, by value-stacking of your deliverables. Make them feel that the price they are paying for is less than the value, use, and benefit of your saleable deliverable. 
  • Secure & Trusted Payment Seal: This is a must-add to your checkout pages. To boost both buyer confidence and your sales, by ensuring their payment details are safe and encrypted.

6. Bump Offer

bump offers, bump offer in flexifunnels, flexifunnels features

For example, Your billing amount was $100. Now by adding a bump offer, you propose to sell another complimentary saleable product for $15. That means you make total sales of $115. 

Now if the billing amount of 10 people is $115. Then altogether you make $1150. Instead of $1000.

Another way to boost sales of your product/service is by adding a double bump offer on payment/checkout pages. This will also increase the Average Order Value (AOV) or Average Cart Value.  This is huge, as such features generally need extra plugins and tools. 

Also, with our drag-and-drop landing page builder, you can include more than one bump offer on your sales pages. 

7. Host & Sell Courses Inside FlexiFunnels

At FlexiFunnels, both course creation and course hosting can be easily done. We ensure advanced safety for all your courses from piracy and other malpractices.

With our top-notch automation, we also send automatic course access credentials in the email to each of your enrollments. So there is no need for you to send the course access manually to everyone.

ott level protection FlexiFunnels, FlexiFunnels course area, FlexiFunnels Lms

To ensure you do not experience revenue loss due to course piracy, screen recording, and other such malpractices; we have advanced OTT-level protection. 

You can encode any video in FlexiFunnels, that cannot be downloaded by anyone. We also show the buyers’ information as an overlay so that no one can do its screen recording either. 

This way our online course protection architecture can save a lot of your coaching business revenue. 

8. Autoresponder integrations in FlexiFunnels

With FlexiFunnels forms, you can use both standard (in-built) autoresponder fields and custom (field) parse code integration.

To make things easier, we also have direct integration with various well-known platforms. They are:

  • Active Campaign
  • Mail Chimp
  • SendLane 
  • Constant Connect 
  • AWeber 
  • GetResponse and; 
  • iContact

Like you can generate leads, build relationships, and gain plus retain your potential customers with auto-responders-backed email marketing.  One that suits the needs of your business type, and connects you to your customers anywhere in the world. 

FlexiFunnels integrations, FlexiFunnels features, autoresponser integration flexifunnels

Yes, no third-party app is needed for autoresponder integrations, here at FlexiFunnels!

9. Webinar Integration

If you are looking forward to conducting a webinar with FlexiFunnels, it’s an ideal choice for running both normal webinars and evergreen webinar funnels. The reason is, you get direct integrations with both email autoresponder and webinar platforms. 

For example: If you want to do a Live Webinar, you can easily create a landing pags to generate leads. Furthermore, we also have direct integration with platforms like GoToWebinar and a webhook feature to conduct webinars and send the data to your selected webinar platforms and email autoresponders.

In short, you’ve got everything to level up your lead generation, sales, and overall funnel conversions!  

Meaning, you can run webinar funnels easily and then multiply your online course business profits, with less effort.

10. Advance Funnels Logics

The presence of sales funnels is there in the offline world as well. 

burger coke and french fries funnels

For example, in McDonald, after buying a burger, you are offered french fries. Then if you refuse it, you are offered a coke. Here the burger is a front-end product. French fries are an upsell and coke is a down-sell. Likewise, in the online business world also you can make more sales and revenue with a funnel on automation. 

With FlexiFunnels you can easily set up any sales boosting funnel using:

  • Front-End Offer: This is to offer and sell products/services at the beginning of your funnel. Note that, when a customer does not purchase the front-end offer, you can offer them something else as a front-end offer to start the transactional relationship.
  • One-Time Offers (OTO): This usually comes after the front-end offer of your saleable product/service. You can have multiple kinds of one-time offers. (OTO 1, OTO 2, OTO 3, etc.). Remember the example of McDonald’s? The coke french fries offered to you once you purchased the burger were the perfect example of an upsell.
  • Downsells: Downsells is simply the discounted version of your upsell. Discounted in terms of price and benefits. Still enticing enough to seem like a good deal.

The funnel builder technology of FlexiFunnels comes with an advanced funnel logic builder. Though advanced, it has an easy-to-use funnel builder user interface. By simple point-and-click, you can build a revenue-generating funnel for your business. 

You can do the same with FlexiFunnels. Check out how we made $1 Million in just 10 months, for one of our products, Marketpresso.

Soon after designing pages of your funnel. All you will have to do is set its logical sequence. We will provide you with each of its performance details, in our real-time analytics dashboard.

Do you know? You have just saved a lot of money by finding a website builder, landing page builder, and funnel builder altogether in one online business centralization software solution named, FlexiFunnels. 

11. FlexiFunnels’ Fully Mobile Responsive Pages

Each and every FlexiFunnels-made page is fully mobile responsive. They have a mobile-friendly screen fit due to which your pages will look properly aligned on almost all mobile devices.

This is important as over 59.98 percent of the world’s website traffic comes from mobile devices worldwide. Statcounter- Global Stats) 

The good part is our landing page builder cum editor provides a desktop page view and a mobile page view. With it, you can also preview its look before they go live on the web and edit its design accordingly.

12. Digital Assets- Automated delivery of quick products like eBooks, PDFs, etc.

FlexiFunnels funnel builder also hosts your multimedia digital assets of up to 3 MB. This means your lead magnets offer  

Digital assets up to 3 Mb can be directly uploaded inside FlexiFunnels, So whenever a person signs up for your workbook, ebooks, cheat sheets, etc, they will directly receive access in the mailbox

13. Domain Mapping (Subdomain and Main Domain)

In this web address: www.yoursite. com

  • Here, (www) is your subdomain
  • (yoursite.com) is your main domain name 


At FlexiFunnels you can add subdomains to your pages. With FlexiFunnels, you can also change your subdomain name multiple times. For example: welcome. yoursite.com


You can also host your websites with your core/primary domain name.

For example: Instead of seeing (welcome.yoursite.com), you can choose to show your web address as (yoursite.com)

So whether you want a domain, with a subdomain in it. Or do you want your domain name, you can do both in FlexiFunnels. 

14. Free Web Hosting and Automatic SSL Certificate

image 17

We also provide free web hosting and automatic SSL certificate to every domain inside FlexiFunnels. This is to protect your pages from getting those unsafe signals from the browsers. The moment your page visitors would see it, they would prefer to exit from your page for their safety.

But due to our super fast hosting and accelerated page delivery, we increase your page security and reduce your page load-time and bounce rate.

15. Advanced Analytics

flexifunnels features, flexifunnels analytics, flexifunnels reporting dashboard

Imagine your buyer forgets to checkout, or if he or she visits your checkout page but does not complete the purchase due to any reason, won’t you like to bring them back?

FlexiFunnels automatically provides you with cart abandon data and other such detailed analytics information that needs review. So that you can think of different sales and marketing tactics and take the right business analytics-based decisions.

With us you know about:

  • Customer Data (As per their name, email, payment method, product name, currency, etc.)
  • Failed Payment or Cart Abandon Data 
  • Cart Abandon Recovery Email (This feature will be live soon)
  • Likewise, page visits, lead generation, conversion rate, sales, gross revenue, and much more mind-blowing detailed analytics can be found at FlexiFunnels Reporting & Analytics Dashboard.

All this kind of data can be downloaded in CSV Format at FlexiFunnels, within any reasonable time frame. Be it monthly, weekly, this year, last year, last week, last 30 days, or all-time data.

16. Sub-Users Access Feature

subuser access flexifunnels, flexifunnels features

We are aware of how important it is for businesses to keep your data safe & secure. That’s why we have created a robust Sub Users Access panel. Using this you can give limited access to your team members/employees.

Only the things (Projects, Products, Funnels, etc) that they are given access to will be visible to them.

You can also give sub-user access to your clients for their particular websites, so they can make changes to their pages, products, and courses by themselves instead of reaching out to you again and again.

17. Access FlexiFunnels from anywhere in the world

FlexiFunnels is hosted on an advanced cloud-based platform, which means you can access it anytime with your device. We function universally on all operating systems including Windows & Mac. This provides a hassle-free online business experience for you and your potential customers.

18. DDoS Protected Platform

We realize our responsibility for consumer interest protection. This is why to keep you safe from cyber crimes and criminals we have 100 percent DDoS (Distributed-Denial-of-Service) protection. So that your website does not go down. 

Wherein, any malicious entity could affect the functioning of your web server, website, or web pages, by making them unavailable to its legitimate users.

How to make money online with FlexiFunnels?

Whether you are a freelancer, product owner, agency owner, network marketer, affiliate marketer, course creator, social media influencer, or anyone who is doing business online. Here are the things you can get started with when you are using FlexiFunnels.

  • You can earn as a Freelancer and become a part of a Massive 1+ trillion dollar industry.
  • You can successfully launch and scale your online coaching business.
  • You can sell any digital product that you want. Whether it’s your course, cheatsheet, toolkit, EBooks, or literally anything. 
  • You can do affiliate marketing and earn massive commissions by reselling the right products.
  • You can also sell any physical product that you want.
  • Even if you are a local business such as a restaurant, salon, real estate business, or literally any business, you can set up your online business on FlexiFunnels.
  • If you want to become a coach, consultant, or marketer, you can build your entire funnel and run your online business on FlexiFunnels
  • If you are working or want to work with clients, you can set up their entire online business and earn revenue in return.
  • Not just this, there are tons of other ways through which you can make it big with FlexiFunnels. You just have to get started.

But how can you start when you have no idea of how to start your online journey?

When you enroll in FlexiFunnels, you’ll get access to the premium learning modules known as “Funnel Growth System” which is the upgraded version of “Timeline Domination”. It includes all the tutorials that you need to become an expert when it comes to generating online results.

These training modules are responsible for generating thousands of success stories to date and it still continues to generate results for the FlexiFunnels enrolled members. You can check them out here.

Once you become a part of it, you can learn practical high-income skills and get paid on a recurring basis once you implement the lessons given inside.

FlexiFunnels Support

Since the FlexiFunnels launch date, every week we hear new success stories of our users. Even in our pre-launch beta phase, FlexiFunnels product features were turning into benefits for our users. 

Serving customer satisfaction is FlexiFunnels Support Team policy plus priority. Team FlexiFunnels is here to give help and support in the following possible manner. To make our product both beginner and expert-friendly we provide you an ecosystem of:

  • Bi-weekly Live Q & A sessions by Experts: Here is when you can ask any question to our FlexiFunnels Product Head in a live Zoom session. This is a bi-weekly facility for all our paid users. Not just a facility, but it is also a great opportunity for all participants to learn from each other.
  • Dedicated Email Support:  When you become a part of FlexiFunnels, you also get access to email support where you can get answers to all the technical questions that you have.
  • Live Chat Support: To ensure that you get the fastest possible response, we have also provided live chat support inside FlexiFunnels. So whenever you are getting stuck, you can directly connect with our expert support executives. The live chat support is open from 9 am to 10 pm on Monday to Saturday and 9 am to 6 pm on Sundays.
  • Ticketing System: We also have a ticketing system in place to ensure the best quality support. You can raise a ticket for your queries on our helpdesk. All the tickets are replied to within 24 hours.
  • Facebook community: We also have a massive Facebook Community where you can network with fellow FlexiFunnels users, and ask your doubts. This is one community where there is a lot of sharing, caring, helping, and networking happening.

    Plus, we also have dedicated moderators to ensure that each and every query is answered.
  • In-app FlexiFunnels Video Tutorials: As soon as you enroll in FlexiFunnels, you will get access to FlexiFunnels Funnel Growth System also. It is an in-app learning resource, that contains a huge set of premium courses on practical ways to do successful online business. 

    All of them have been carefully made by the FlexiFunnels CEO himself, Mr. Saurabh Bhatnagar. He is a well-known business funnel strategist and digital marketer.
  • FlexiFunnels Help Articles: For you, we have also compiled all the ‘FAQs & How-to’ guides of FlexiFunnels in text form. Around 150+ articles have been carefully compiled and classified. So that you can use it as a ready reference for help anytime you want.

Who should use FlexiFunnels?

Anyone who wants to use the power of the Internet for their business should be using FlexiFunnels.

1. Freelancers

For freelancing businesses, FlexiFunnels has a client-getting workshop in its Funnel Growth System (FGS). As we know, how important it is for every freelancer to do reach-outs daily.  But how to, where to, and whom to reach out correctly has been told nicely in FlexiFunnels Client Getting Workshop for freelancers.

You can then use the landing page builder inside  FlexiFunnels, to make professional websites and sales funnels for them in no time.  Because of this, you would never have to think about where to get your next client.

2. Newbies

Is FlexiFunnels easy to learn and use?

You mean, is FlexiFunnels beginner-friendly?

Of course, yes! It is beginner-friendly because it is easy to learn and use FlexiFunnels. Newbie entrepreneurs are already making $500 – $1,500 per project every month, using FlexiFunnels for their business. 

You will soon find out about it in the FlexiFunnels review section at the end of this article. Besides, every beginner can turn into an expert once they commit to following the process.

3. Agency Owner

Those of you who are helping other businesses to establish an online presence can speed up your entire process using FlexiFunnels.  Inside the Funnel Growth System (FGS) you can learn to find, connect, close, and get results for clients. 

FlexiFunnels is to offer you more speed and efficiency, to help you scale your business fast on automation. So that you could consistently scale your agency. 

We are sure you will love our real-time detailed analytics dashboard, which your clients will love too. 

4. Product Business Owner

Inside FlexiFunnels you can sell your product online, by getting close to your customers. We have callable link options, due to which well-qualified leads will be able to contact you directly from your website. 

You can also close your sales on instant messaging apps as well. Being closer to the target audience means being closer to making sales then.

All kinds of digital products can be sold in FlexiFunnels. While in the case of a physical product, you can sell single products or combo offers.

5. Digital Marketer 

FlexiFunnels is an online marketing tool for bringing sales. You know the game. 

Using FlexiFunnels every digital marketer can do the following:

  • Marketing funnels
  • Lead Generation 
  • Influencer Marketing 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Digital Advertising: Including re-targeting Page Visitors (Via Paid Ads) 
  • Affiliate Marketing and;
  • Mobile Marketing as well

FlexiFunnels will help you maximize your skills, efforts, and results. 

We are sure you will love our real-time detailed filterable analytics dashboard, which your clients will love too. 

6. Network Marketers

Network marketers can generate leads like anything, using the power of the Internet. We also have a lead generation learning module, inside FlexiFunnels Funnel Growth System (FGS). 

Now instead of conducting seminars, you can conduct webinars and reach every home digitally with your amazing products. Today as you all know, the Internet is the biggest marketplace and you cannot be physically present everywhere. This is where you need FlexiFunnels for automating your lead generation process.

7. Affiliate Marketer

If you are an affiliate marketer or planning to become one, generating email lists and creating an audience is crucial for you as having your own email list allows you to resell literally any product that you want.

You can create the entire lead gen system with the help of FlexiFunnels and earn hefty commissions by selling products as an affiliate.

Furthermore, whenever you promote FlexiFunnels as a customer, you also get 25% recurring commissions on each sale.

8. Course Creator

Turn your knowledge into your revenue by creating and selling your courses using FlexiFunnels.  We have made it secure, sufficient, and simple to use. At the same time, we have given you everything that you need to get started with a successfully running online coaching business.

9. Bloggers

With FlexiFunnels, you can send your blog traffic to lead-gen funnels. The best part is that you need not spend money on plugins and tools for creating lead gen forms. From there you can use it to sell your products and earn some extra income using our high-converting checkout pages. Blog monetization has been made simple with FlexiFunnels.

10. Social Media Influencers

A good way to build authority is to have a portfolio website of your own. And a better way to keep your followers in the loop is to create a funnel for them. With a sales funnel, you can convert your followers into customers smoothly.

11. Local Business Owners

Whether you are a restaurant owner, salon owner, car wash services owner, or any local business owner, FlexiFunnels enables you to globally connect your business to the online world of consumers, by making your business web pages. From Indian payment gateways to International payment gateways, you can receive payments from all around the world. 

How to go about it? 

We have explained everything in the Funnel Growth System (FGS) of FlexiFunnels. It is available for free for all FlexiFunnels users. From business-minded, you are going to become online-business-minded with it. Promise. 

FlexiFunnels Pricing

1. How much does FlexiFunnels cost?

There are two yearly FlexiFunnels pricing plans right now. One is FlexiFunnels Professional Plan $397/year (₹  29,500/year) and the other one is FlexiFunnels Premium Plan $697/year (₹ 55,460/year).

In both plans, every single feature is designed to boost your sales and marketing efforts, into revenue for your online business.

2. What happens after buying FlexiFunnels?

Soon after you buy any of our plans, you will get immediate access to the FlexiFunnels platform. Furthermore here is what you can expect, when you come on board:

  • Automatic log-In credentials will be sent to your email
  • You can then use your username and password, to log in and access FlexiFunnels.
  • After logging in you will see an instructional walk-through video by Saurabh Bhatnagar (FlexiFunnels CEO), to help you get started with your online business funnel journey.
  • You would also be given a checklist with all the instructions so that you can instantly start your journey to success.
  • Inside the FlexiFunnels platform, we will also give free video modules on essential digital marketing skills. This will help you increase your online business sales.
  • Along with all this, you will be eligible to make use of our three 1-on-1 onboarding call features. Herein, any expert from our team will help you clear your queries by getting on one zoom call. These calls are precious and therefore it is recommended that you watch FlexiFunnels tutorials before getting on the call.

Is FlexiFunnels Worth it?

FlexiFunnels is here to give you the right set of online business tools, technology, and techniques all in one place. This way FlexiFunnels software overall offers ‘worth the money features. Do check out the FlexiFunnels review section down below, to see it for yourself.

How to create websites & funnels easily?

Creating a website and funnel for business has been simplified so that even a Class 6 student can learn from it.

For this, we have included an in-app action checklist for you to follow. We also have FlexiFunnels video tutorials and the Funnel Growth System of FlexiFunnels to help you create a website and funnel for your business. All this can be followed along in a step-by-step manner by anyone.

Lastly as said above, you and your business will also have access to our strong customer support system to skyrocket your business success.

Meet our founder

FlexiFunnels is a no-coding website and funnel builder software created by Saurabh Bhatnagar. He is the owner, creator, cum beholder of a vision to fulfill every entrepreneurial dream digitally with FlexiFunnels.

Apart from being a SaaS maker, Mr. Saurabh Bhatnagar is also a digital marketing genius. His online success stories can also be seen in major media houses like Forbes, TedX, YourStory, Josh Talks, etc.  

Being a strategic sales and marketing funnel builder himself, Mr. Saurabh Bhatnagar went the extra mile to build the product FlexiFunnels for everyone. Even his premium courses on sales and marketing for an online business are given for free to all FlexiFunnels users.

Now along with heading team FlexiFunnels, he is on his constant mission to help people kick-start their online businesses.  

Saurabh bhatnagar images, saurabh bhatnagar flexifunnels, saurabh bhatnagar image download.
Mr. Saurabh Bhatnagar (CEO, FlexiFunnels)

Read User-Based FlexiFunnels Review

FlexiFunnels is India’s first funnel builder software whose popularity is constantly growing worldwide. This is because our product stays advanced and up-to-date with online business-friendly features and functionalities.

Since FlexiFunnels’ launch date, here is how users are in love with us.

FlexiFunnels Testimonials 1 Copy Copy Copy 2
FlexiFunnels Testimonials 4
FlexiFunnels Testimonials 6
FlexiFunnels Testimonials 7
FlexiFunnels Testimonials 3
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FlexiFunnels Testimonials 10
FlexiFunnels Testimonials 9
FlexiFunnels Testimonials 78

You too can join this space with your success story.

Apart from this, you can further check out the FlexiFunnels review on Trustpilot.


Q1. How exactly will FlexiFunnels help me?

Inside FlexiFunnels, you are getting everything you need to set up an online business. From making landing pages and websites to collecting leads to selling them products and delivering access to those products. Everything can be done inside FlexiFunnels.

Q2. How will I get support if I get stuck at any time?

We have well-trained live chat support that’s available from 9 AM-10 PM from Monday to Saturday & 9 AM-6 PM on Sunday. IST timezone. You can find the live chat support option in the bottom right of your FlexiFunnels account. So simply reach out to us & we will help you immediately.

Q3. My pages/courses will be on my domain? Will it also have FlexiFunnels branding?

The pages made on FlexiFunnels will be on the FlexiFunnels sub-domain by default. However, you can connect them with your domain (a simple 2-click process inside FlexiFunnels), and then your pages, and courses will be on your domain with your branding.

Q4. What kinds of apps can I integrate with?

We have an integration with payment gateway, autoresponder, and webinar platforms so you can collect payments and also pass leads/sales data to these apps in case you are using them. If you are an advanced user, we also have a Webhook feature to pass your data anywhere.

Q5. Is it based on Windows or Mac? Do I need to install something to use FlexiFunnels?

FlexiFunnels is a cloud-based application. This means you can use it on your web browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla using any system just by logging in. You can use FlexiFunnels just like you use Facebook simply by logging in using your browser. So you don’t need to install anything ever to use FlexiFunnels.

Q6. Are there any long-term contracts?

NO. You can simply use FlexiFunnels based on a monthly or yearly subscription and cancel anytime you want.

Q7. How do I get the updates? Do I need to pay for it?

Absolutely not. We regularly update FlexiFunnels with new features & site templates. You get access to all of them for FREE. And since FlexiFunnels is cloud-based so all the updates are applied automatically.

Q8. Is there any refund guarantee?

For new users, we have a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. So you can simply join today & use FlexiFunnels with the security that your money is safe.

Q9. How soon will I get access to FlexiFunnels after the payment?

Immediately. Access will be automatically delivered to your email inbox immediately after the payment.

Q10. What will happen to my leads & sales data if I cancel my account?

You won’t be able to access your data in case you cancel your account. But don’t worry you can use the “Export CSV” feature to download your leads & sales data before canceling your account. Your data will be accessible back again when you join again.

Q11. When my business scales, would FlexiFunnels be able to handle the load?

100% YES. FlexiFunnels is based on the auto-scaling tech of the biggest cloud computing platform in the world “AWS” (Amazon Web Servers). This means we can handle any amount of load and you won’t lose any leads or sales ever.

Q12. Can I use FlexiFunnels for my clients?

Absolutely YES. We have no restrictions. You can make pages, websites, and courses for your clients on FlexiFunnels. You can even connect your clients’ domain, payment gateway, and autoresponders to manage everything using your FlexiFunnels account.

Q13. Is my leads & sales data secure? Can somebody else also use it?

Your leads & sales data are 100% secured and only you can use them. It’s only gonna be visible to you only inside your reporting dashboard in your FlexiFunnels account. Nobody ever sees it or uses it, including FlexiFunnels.

Q14. Will my clients get to know that I have used FlexiFunnels for the project?

You can connect your clients’ domains for their pages/websites/courses. So they won’t see FlexiFunnels branding anywhere.

Q15. Can I run an eCommerce website on FlexiFunnels?

Right now, we do not have full-fledged e-commerce website features such as a shopping cart. sizes, etc. Thus, if you are looking forward to building a website like Amazon, FlexiFunnels might not be the best fit.

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