Surprising ClickFunnels versus FlexiFunnels | Balanced 16 Pointer Comparison for you

Surprising ClickFunnels versus FlexiFunnels | Balanced 16 Pointer Comparison for you

When it comes to online marketing, there are a lot of options and strategies available to help businesses achieve their goals. One of the most popular and effective methods is using funnels to capture leads and convert them into customers. Funnels are an essential part of any online business. They help businesses to increase conversions by guiding customers through a journey from awareness to purchase.

Businesses often use online tools to create and manage their marketing funnels. Two of the clear front runners tools to create funnels are FlexiFunnels and ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels is popular software that allows users to create sales funnels and landing pages to increase conversions. FlexiFunnels is our tool that is a bit more flexible and powerful with a wider range of features that you won’t find anywhere else under one roof being super affordable at the same time. 

All-in-all it is a one-stop solution and business centralization system for all online businesses.

While FlexiFunnels & ClickFunnels offer similar features, there are many distinct differences between the two. This article will explore the similarities and differences between FlexiFunnels and ClickFunnels.

What FlexiFunnels Offers:

  • You can quickly get started with an online business without any coding knowledge.
  • High-converting websites, sales pages, courses, and funnels, & run your online business on automation.
  • Let massive traffic visit your page to convert and take whatever action they want.
  • Create highly personalized checkout pages to convert more customers into visitors.
  • FlexiFunnels allows you to create highly secure courses with complete piracy protection, protecting the content from unauthorized access.

Clickfunnels is also a reputed funnel-building product in the market that almost allows the same feature as Flexifunnels to create excellent funnels. Still, at the same time, ClickFunnels has some drawbacks that limit the user to build an online business.

FlexiFunnels is a new platform packed with more advanced funnel-building features than the other existing platforms.

Let’s compare FlexiFunnels and ClickFunnels to see the good part about both funnel builders and try to figure out which one is the best to use.

1. Limitations

When choosing a funnel builder to help your business, it is essential to know what they offer to grow your online business.

Let’s take a closer look.

FlexiFunnels offers an incredible 100,000 page views in their basic plan. This means that your pages can be viewed by more than 100,000 people, which is much more than most websites get in a lifetime. FlexiFunnels also offers unlimited course creation with 10,000 members in the professional plan and 50,000 members in the Premium plan and can create and sell digital products.

Clickfunnels is a different story-

Clickfunnels currently allows 20000 visitors to your pages. You can also create just 20 funnels in their basic plan. Meanwhile, FlexiFunnels offers 50 funnels in the basic plan. 

As we have a transparent picture of both platforms’ page views, it is seen that FlexiFunnels offers more pageviews than ClickFunnels. FlexiFunnels is a handy, easy-to-use platform that does not require technical knowledge and comes with a simple user interface, even 9-10 years old kids can also build a website with FlexiFunnels. For a live example, watch this video. 

2. Landing Page Templates

Landing pages are an essential part of any digital marketing strategy. They are designed to capture leads and convert visitors into customers. 

The FlexiFunnels system offers a wide variety of approx 300 landing page templates, including opt-in pages, webinar signup, upsell pages, checkout pages, thank you pages, and sales pages that can be used to create high-converting pages. FlexiFunnels also offers a wide range of features and integrations that can be used to create custom pages. 

landing pages in flexifunnels, clickfunnels vs flexifunnels, flexifunnels landing pages
FlexiFunnels Templates

Clickfunnels, on the other hand, offers a smaller selection of around 100 landing page templates. However, Clickfunnels landing pages are also known for their high conversion rates, but you will have limited options to choose from.

clickfunnels landing pages, landing pages inside clickfunnels, landing page templates, clickfunnels
ClickFunnels Templates

3. Pre-built Sections

flexifunnels, prebuilt sections in flexifunnels, landing page in flexifunnels
FlexiFunnels Pre-Built Design Blocks

It would be a hassle to create each section yourself while creating pages.

You may need to spend hours fixing alignments, text formatting, and section design to provide your customers with the best possible user experience.

FlexiFunnels gives you access to Pre-built DFY templates of the most frequently used sections, such as about us, bonuses section, features section, team section, etc., ready for you to use. Without spending lots of time on page designing and layout, customize your pages with just one click with FlexiFunnels.

Clickfunnels, on the other hand, only provides a limited number of pre-built page templates that can be used to build your funnels but does not offer pre-built sections. This can make it more challenging to create the pages you need and limit the type of pages you can create. 

4. Full Piracy Protected Courses

Piracy protection feature FlexiFunnels

Course hacking is now a significant concern for course creators. Usually, unrestricted learning resources pirated the paid courses, which can be a considerable loss for digital creators. But now FlexiFunnels has a solution to this significant issue. 

FlexiFunnels offers piracy protection and OTT-level video streaming for your course videos. Your courses become OTT-level secured and only available to premium members. Whereas, ClickFunnels currently does not have such a security feature. 

Well, it means that if you create a course on FlexiFunnels and someone tries to pirate it, they will not be able to access the content. On Clickfunnels, however, courses can be pirated and accessed without restriction.

5. Course Bundle Feature

course  bundle feature, course bundle feature  flexifunnels, flexifunnels

Imagine that you are creating a course that covers many topics in any niche. You want to split the course into four parts and make them available separately to increase your revenue.

This allows you to market to customers who don’t want to invest in your entire course.

This is what ClickFunnels can’t do. You would need to create a separate course from scratch to sell it. It will take a lot of time and effort. However, it is possible with FlexiFunnels’ Course Bundle Feature within a few seconds. This saves you the hassle of creating, deleting, or extracting new courses.

6. Right Click Disabled

course security feature, online course piracy feature, online course security feature in flexifunnels

One key difference between FlexiFunnels and Clickfunnels is the right-click disabled feature. This feature is designed to prevent people from being able to right-click on your course area and save them as an image or copy content. This can be beneficial if you want to protect your digital content or online courses from being stolen. 

FlexiFunnels offers this feature to its users, which means people cannot right-click on your membership area courses. This can be a great way to prevent people from stealing your content or infringing on your copyright. ClickFunnels does not offer this feature, which means people can right-click on your pages and save them if they want to.

7. Customized Pricing

You can use different pricing models when you run a business.

  • Recurring plans
  • One-time plans
  • One-time fee followed by a subscription plan

Clickfunnels only offers recurring plans and one-time pricing options, whereas FlexiFunnels has taken care of everything so your business can thrive without obstacles. (and you can do business on your terms). You can also create a trial period under the subscription plans.

8. Multiple Pricing Options On One Sales Page

pricing options, pricing option on landing page inside Flexifunnels

Every big company in the world uses this strategy to increase its sales. This is a substantial psychological trick to make people buy more. For example, popcorn in a movie theater has three bucket sizes where they stack up the highest value in a bigger plan and make smaller plans more expensive. Because of this, people perceive bigger plans as the best deal.

When a buyer has only one pricing option, a person thinks if they should buy or not; on the other hand, when he has two or three pricing options, he thinks about which one he should buy.

FlexiFunnels follow this strategy and offer multiple pricing options on one sales page with some variation. This will help you grow your sales and increase your average order value at the same time. 

This feature is missing inside CF. Imagine how much revenue you will lose throughout your funnel because of this missing feature.

9. Multiple Payment Gateways On One Checkout Page

payment gateways

international payment gateways

FlexiFunnels checkout pages integrate seamlessly with multiple payment gateways so that you can receive payments from PayPal or Stripe (or any other platform for example) from one page. ClickFunnels does not have this feature.

As you would be knowing, some people prefer paying with Paypal while some prefer paying with their cards. You will lose at least 20-30% of your sales if you are just using one payment gateway on your checkout page which unfortunately is mandatory when you are using ClickFunnels. This applies to Indian payment gateways too. You can use let’s say Razorpay & Cashfree at the same time.

Some of these payment gateways always have downtime or they do not even have direct integration with all cards. When you can attach multiple payment gateways, you convert more sales because you are able to cover up for the payment gateway downtime and multiple additional card options get added because of using multiple payment gateways simultaneously.

10. Domain Integration

If you work on multiple businesses and projects at once, you will need to be able to access multiple domains. In ClickFunnels, you can add three custom domains, but in FlexiFunnels, you can add 9. That means you can do 3X more business with the help of FlexiFunnels.

11. A Records

ClickFunnels allows you to have CNAME records, which means you can keep your pages as On the other hand, FlexiFunnels allows you to add both A records and CNAME records. It will show your and Here you have the option to choose between A records and CNAME records or both. This gives your business numerous advantages, such as:

  • Better Branding
  • It’s easier to type
  • More trust

12. Multiple Clients Access

ClickFunnels doesn’t give you a commercial license for the ClickFunnels account, which means you can not use it to serve other businesses. On the other hand, Flexifunnels gives you all the commercial rights to work with different clients from the same account. With FlexiFunnels, You will get more flexibility to work with clients, while ClickFunnels doesn’t offer.

13. Support

With ClickFunnels, live chat support is available 24/7, Monday through Friday, and 9-5 on weekends. For FlexiFunnels, you will get support from Monday to Saturday 9 am-10 pm IST & Sunday 9 am-6 pm IST, and live chat support is open on Sundays as well.

flexifunnels support, support inside flexifunnels

14. Double Bump Offer

Imagine if your cart value could be increased without any additional effort. This is what a bump offer does for you.

Bump offers can increase your cart value by 18-37%. It is wise to include relevant offers on your checkout pages as a bump offer. It’s possible to do this with Clickfunnels, but Flexifunnels take it to the next level to help you generate more revenue for your business.

FlexiFunnels allows you to add two bump offers, while ClickFunnels only allows one. This will allow you to save losing customers who might have bought twice from you.

15. Integration With Indian Payment Gateways

Usually, Indian customers tend to pay through PhonePe and GPay. ClickFunnels doesn’t integrate with these local payment portals. It integrates with only international platforms such as PayPal, Stripe, Keep, Recurly, NMI, and Easy Pay Direct. This can lead to you losing large customer bases willing and able to purchase from you. FlexiFunnels allows you to easily connect with both local and international payment gateways, allowing you to expand your business wherever you are.

16. Coupons

coupon features, tools with coupon feature,

As per estimates, 60% of customers will try a new product because of a coupon. 46% said they would change their plans to purchase.

Coupons are a great way to promote your business. Clickfunnels is an up-to-date tool that offers coupon functionality, but the options are limited.

You cannot add multiple coupons to Clickfunnels for the same product. With FlexiFunnels, you can provide personalized coupons for your prospects so that they feel special while making the purchase. At the same time, this results in increased sales and a loyal set of customers.

Quick Comparison Table: FlexiFunnels Vs ClickFunnels

Page Visits1,00,00020,000
Number of Funnels5020
Landing Page Templates350+100+
Right Click Disable inside
Course Area
Advanced Pricing FeatureYESNO
Full Piracy ProtectionYESNO
Course Bundle FeatureYESNO
Indian Payment GatewayYESNO
Sub-user AccessAdvancedLimited
Multiple Clients AccessYESNO
Double Bump FeatureYESNO
Multiple Payment Gateways On
Single Checkout Page
Global CouponsYESNO
Free Mentorship ProgramYESNO
Pricing Options– Recurring plans
– One-time plans
– One-time fee followed
by a subscription plan
– Recurring plans
– One-time plans
Pre-built SectionsYESNo

Massive Hidden Costs In Clickfunnels…

In Clickfunnels, you will need to pay an additional cost if you wish to migrate to another host. As per the ICANN regulation, you must create a DNSimple Account. It means you cannot transfer to another host until 60 days after you have created it.

You will end up paying more money to move to a different host. Imagine that you would have to spend $594 to hop from one platform to another if you got a ClickFunnels plan for $297! Because of the 60 days regulation, you have to pay $297 every month, which will cost you $594 for two months.

What’s Good Inside Clickfunnels?

Here we will discuss some features that ClickFunnels offers but are not available in the FlexiFunnels. Check out the following list.

– Automated Split Testing

ClickFunnels offers automated split testing, which allows you to determine which page performs better. FlexiFunnels does not currently offer this feature. However, you can still do split testing in FlexiFunnels, and it’s just that it is manual. As we know, FlexiFunnels provide advanced analytics features that get all the page stats for any particular day/week/month. You can easily compare the pages manually and perform split testing. So, you’re still achieving the end goal with FlexiFunnels.

– Sub-user Access

ClickFunnels lets you add sub-users. You can add one sub-user to your $97/mo plan. In the $297 plan, you can add three sub-users. This feature is not yet available in FlexiFunnels; however, it will also be available soon within FlexiFunnels within a month. We are working on it right now.

Automated Email Sequence

ClickFunnels allows you to send an automated email sequence when a person signs up on the opt-in page. This powerful feature will soon be available in FlexiFunnels.

– Evergreen Webinar

ClickFunnels allows you to create an evergreen webinar. These webinars are conducted without your involvement. The feature is there but not that great, as Russell Brunson (founder of ClickFunnels) has himself advocated a new 3rd party auto-webinar platform. This is a sign that their ClickFunnels auto webinar feature is not sufficient. However, there are many other better tools available in the market from which you can benefit more.

Final Verdict

FlexiFunnels eliminates all limitations of Clickfunnels and offers many features at an affordable price, making it possible for anyone to start or grow their online business easily. FlexiFunnels offers a comprehensive list of features that allow businesses to keep track of all their funnel activity in one place. This includes data on leads, sales, conversions, and more. Clickfunnels, on the other hand, does offer the detail but with some limitations. 

With the premium subscription to FlexiFunnels, you will also get access to the marketing courses by Mr. Saurabh Bhatnagar (Founder of FlexiFunnels). This training program includes funnel building, generating traffic, copywriting, email marketing, getting clients, lead generation, and many more training courses.

This mentorship program alone has created thousands of success stories. Here you can check out the happy clients’ stories: See the results people have generated using the FlexiFunnels platform. 

The powerful combination of the super-advanced FlexiFunnels platform and highly detailed marketing training will help you run a super-successful online business using FlexiFunnels.

And whenever you need any help, our live chat support is just one click away inside the FlexiFunnels dashboard.

Want to know more about FlexiFunnels? Feel free to book a demo or ask your questions in the chat. We would love to answer your questions and help you get started with FlexiFunnels.

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