Top 9 Review Worthy ClickFunnels Alternatives | List of the Best

Top 9 Review Worth Clickfunnels Alternatives List

People search for the best alternative to ClickFunnels for many reasons. Price, features, ease of use, and surety about value for money are a few of those reasons. This is why we prepared a list of the Top 9 review-worthy alternative sites like ClickFunnels. To help you with your online buying research and decision.

When it comes to ClickFunnels, they provide telephonic support (only for their 2 Comma Club- 2CCX members), email support, and Live Chart Support. ClickFunnels also provides its users with dozens of digital marketing learning modules. Plus, there are tonnes of reasons (including price) that leads people to search for alternatives of ClickFunnels.

Here is the list of the top list of ClickFunnels Alternatives that can increase your sales and revenue in 2022 while reducing your costs.

1. FlexiFunnels

FlexiFunnels-logo, flexifnnels-hd-logo

We will start with ourselves first, as alternative number one for ClickFunnels. Here is why FlexiFunnels can be worthy of your time and money:


In the ClickFunnels annual price plan, you will end up paying $960 for only 3 custom domains and a 20,000-page visits limit.

But with the FlexiFunnels annual price plan of $397, you are getting:-

Total 9 custom domains with 1,00,000 per month page visits, at $397 only. This way, you save $ 563 by choosing to use FlexiFunnels as best ClickFunnels alternative.


FlexiFunnels also gives its users 50 Funnels at its $397 yearly plan and up to 200 Funnels at its $697 yearly plan.

But ClickFunnels will make you spend $860, only to give you 20 Funnels in return.

Having the freedom to create more funnels can help you know which funnels can work for you the best. Serious internet entrepreneurs always experiment a lot. Why? They see which of their landing pages and funnel page designs are performing well. This mental process is called A/B split testing.

So you need to have the privilege of creating a decent number of funnels for your business.

Online Business Tip:
Doing A/B testing is one of the most important parts of an online business. The more you do it, the more refined/profitable your funnel will be. Here is a video containing a list of 19 online business mistakes to be avoided.


The end goal of every business is to make profits and for profits you need freedom. While using ClickFunnels you will come across several restrictions that aren’t present in FlexiFunnels. Some of these are:

  • FlexiFunnels provides you a massive 1,00,000 page views every single month in its $397/per year plan while ClickFunnels offers only 20,000 visitors per month in its basic plan.
  • You only get to create 1 website and have 1 domain in ClickFunnels’ $127/month plan. In FlexiFunnels’ $397/yr plan, you get 9 domains. using these domains, you can create up to 9 websites easily. So you are paying much less but you are getting much more than ClickFunnels
  • You can only have 1,000-course members in ClickFunnels’ $127/month plan. On the other hand, we provide 10,000-course members in our $397/year plan. This is literally 10X of what ClickFunnels is providing.

And this is not over yet….

If you want to learn more about how FlexiFunnels and ClickFunnels are different from each other, feel free to check out this detailed article on ClickFunnels versus FexiFunnels.


image 2 is a better ClickFunnels alternative in terms of price. That is because it gives access to almost all its features like unlimited course members, communities, etc in its $97 per month plan. You will not get access to such features at the $127 per month plan of ClickFunnels.


This is why is quite popular as an alternative to ClickFunnels.

You are to pay a total of $828 in its annual plan, for receiving the advanced pro version features. In the case of ClickFunnels, one has to pay a total of $1884 for getting access to its pro version. 


Like ClickFunnels & FlexiFunnels, does not give you a ‘Callable Link’ option. Callable Link is a feature that can instantly connect you to your hot leads as they click on the text. This happens via phone calls, email, SMS, and integration with instant messaging apps. 


Funnel building is all about getting closer and closer to your target audience. With no option to ‘Click to Call’, you remain out of reach to your online customers. 

Result? They will continue to trust you less, as you are inaccessible to them. And they will still need more time to know who you are. The other way round, lengthening your funnel journey. 

C) IN TERMS OF ONLINE BUSINESS PROFITS does have customer support in the form of a Facebook group, email contact, and with’s help blog. But they do not provide any practical knowledge-based learning resources. One that can help you get success in your online business.

When it comes to ClickFunnels, they provide telephonic support (only for their 2 Comma Club- 2CCX members), email support, and Live Chart Support. ClickFunnels also provides its users, dozen of digital marketing learning modules. 

The only thing is, one-on-one onboarding call support is neither given by nor ClickFunnels. 

At FlexiFunnels though, we do give customer support, Facebook group community support, and 1-on-1 expert team support. That means you get 3 one on one booster calls to help you get started with FlexiFunnels. Checkout the success stories that have been created due to the support provided by team FlexiFunnels

7 Lakhs In 3 months using FlexiFunnels


Doing online business might be a struggle for many. This is very likely when you do not have practical online business knowledge. doesn’t help you here. lags behind practical digital marketing training. This is because it has only product-related training material. Inside FlexiFunnels, you get complete profitable online business operation training. All this is available for free in our Funnel Growth System (FGS)  program.

3. Kartra

image 3

Philosopher Socrates said, “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.” The same philosophy applies to your business as well.

If you want to make profits out of sales funnels, you need to know your business and your customers as well.

In this alternatives list, we have listed Kartra as a replacement because:


At $127 per month, ClickFunnels only provides a limited number of features with multiple restrictions (unique page visitors, websites, domains, course members, etc). On the other hand, Kartra provides you with unlimited emails, videos, products, and memberships.


  • With Kartra, you can add a Call To Action button to your uploaded videos. You cannot do this with ClickFunnels.
  • Lead scoring based on page navigation behavior is also possible at Kartra. In ClickFunnels they call it the ‘Action Score’! Here is where you can find your hot, warm, and cold leads based on automated lead scoring.
  • But speaking of Kartra lead tagging and lead scoring, it is more comprehensive and easy to use than ClickFunnels.
Believe it or not, lead scoring is helpful only when you either have a sales team to call the lead or a well-planned email marketing content for sending emails as per their lead scores.
  • Along with this, an In-built heat maps function is there in Kartra. When you are using ClickFunnels, you have to pay $39 extra for Hotjar just to get this feature.
  • Despite all this, not just funnel building is a complex process. On top of it funnel analytics can be confusing too. If we involve ourselves with unneeded complex data. This is why at FlexiFunnels, we have carefully made sure that you get real-time analytics data of only important funnel events.
  • You can even filter the events, customers, payments received, etc. there. Because the simpler, the better.
kartra analytics dashboard, kartra analytics, kartra dashboard image  download
Source: Kartra Blogs


Kartra is giving a $99 per month plan for only 1 domain. That means you will give $1188 for using 1 web domain only.

They say that one should have multiple sources of income. Likewise, it is advisable to monetize from different websites. Instead of depending on one business website.

At a $397 yearly plan, FlexiFunnels enables you to operate up to 9 websites from one place. How convenient is that! 

With ClickFunnels’ Funnel Hacker Plan, you will have to give ($208 multiplied by 12 months) a total of $2,496 to own and run 9 websites. 

Not just sales, profits matter too. The rules do not change, even when online. Lower the cost, higher the profits, but not at the expense of advanced features and functionalities.

4. Kajabi

kajabi-web-builder-logo, Kajabi hd logo

With Kajabi you can create multiple digital products like courses, podcasts, coaching programs, and communities. With ClickFunnels you cannot create a community feature right now.


In Kajabi, we call funnels ‘pipelines’. This is one ClickFunnels alternative that costs around $119 per month. This means Kajabi basic plan costs $8 lesser than ClickFunnels’ $127/mo plan.

The primary difference between ClickFunnels & Kajabi is that ClickFunnels is more of a sales funnel builder. But Kajabi is establishing itself as an all-in-one online business automation builder.


At $319 per month, with the Pro Plan of Kajabi, you can make 100 funnels on 3 websites. You get to make an average of 33 funnels for each website. 

In ClickFunnels’ Funnel Hacker Plan, you can make unlimited funnels for 3 websites at $208 per month. 


Your business profits are directly proportional to the amount of support that you get. With Kajabi’s basic plan, you get access to live chat support whenever you want.

On the other side, ClickFunnels provides chat support support from 8am to 8pm Eastern Time which may or may not suits your time.

Furthermore, Kajabi provides you professional pre-written emails that you can use for your email marketing and generate profits. In ClickFunnels, you would have to write your own emails from scratch.

5. Leadpages

Leadpages Logo, Leadpages hd Logo


A person usually searches for alternatives to ClickFunnels, because of its pricing plan. So instead of paying $127 per month for ClickFunnels, they go for a $37 per month price plan for Leadpages. 

Though it costs a lot less, we recommend you to compare the FlexiFunnels offer with Leadpages and take your informed decision.


Besides this to make it easy to use, they have a feature called the ‘Leadmeter’. It is a checklist to help users design their templates. This is one unique feature that we did not find among others here, not even in ClickFunnels. 


With $37 per month, that is $444 for a year. You are only getting to use one domain at Leadpages. 

You can get a better offer than this at FlexiFunnels by being able to connect 9 domains for $397 only. 

That is a lot. Now let’s say you want to use two websites at Leadpages. You pay $888 in a year for both then. That is a lot, again. 

6. Optimize Press

optimizepress hd logo, optimizepress logo


OptimizePress is a funnel-building plugin for WordPress sites. It costs $199/year for personal use. And costs $399/year for agency standard use. Other than this they also offer more agency-level license plans.

OptimizePress is said to be the Clickfunnels alternative for WordPress sites due to the following reasons: 

  • It gives up to 20 websites to use. Clickfunnels only gives up to 3-9 domains as per its varied pricing plans. 
  • As a plugin, they come with regular software updates. So that your website’s health does not get affected by outdated or unattended plugin features.
  • Clickfunnels does not get updated so often. Even ClickFunnels 2.0 got released in October 2022, after so many years. 
  • In fact, when you will see their ‘What’s new in ClickFunnels’  Change Log Blog. The last updated post on one feature update was in 2020. 


OptimizePress will let you create unlimited funnels with unlimited pages. This is something you will not get in ClickFunnels’ standard (basic) $127/month plan. That will overall cost $1524/ year.

Apart from this:

  • OptimizePress has around 50+ page builder elements. ClickFunnels has only 18 builder elements. 
  • Another plus is its integration with the copyright-free image collection of Unsplash. ClickFunnels does not have such integration. Such small features sum up to give big convenience to users. 
  • At just $199/ year, you are also getting unlimited funnels and page visitors in OptimizePress for WordPress sites. But in ClickFunnels you are getting unlimited funnels and unlimited monthly visits only after you pay $208/month in its funnel hacker plan.


OptimizePress automatically connects EU and VAT Taxes. This will save you time. As the same is not easily doable in ClickFunnels. One needs a different plugin for it called ‘Avalara’.

Overall in terms of price and funnel building for already established WordPress sites, OptimizePress can be a better choice than ClickFunnels. With it, you can even host courses and membership sites, within WordPress itself.

7. GrooveFunnels

image 6


GrooveFunnels is coming at an attractive price of $497 for a lifetime subscription and at $1397 for a lifetime platinum subscription. The platinum subscription of course carries more functionalities and more features.

But what Groovefunnels has, to be called a Clickfunnels alternative? 

  • Due to its value for money, in a span of 1 year, Groovefunnels users touched 1 million users and surpassed the leading sales funnel-building brands. 
  • This is because it replaces dozen of major paid tools, like Streamyard, Zoom, Proovely, and Funnelytics, etc. with its in-app features.


Groovefunnels provides:

  • Unlimited domains with its $ 497-lifetime pro plan which in itself is a powerful offer. Whereas ClickFunnels allows only 9 custom domains at a $208 per month plan. (Funnel hacker Plan)
  • Unlimited funnels and unlimited pages are something that both Groovefunnels and Clickfunnels are giving. But Groovefunnels is giving it at a lifetime price of $497 and ClickFunnels is giving it at a $208/month plan.

Note: In ClickFunnels you get a ready-made sequence template of follow-up funnels. But in Groove Funnels, you will manually have to add such a follow-up funnel.


Groovefunnels have their native payment gateway called ‘Groovepay’. ClickFunnels does not have its own payment gateway.

groovepay logo, groovepay hd logo

The benefit of this is:

  • They charge no payment gateway fee
  • Its payment processing fee is about 0.5 % less than other famous mainstream payment gateways. 
  • With a transaction fee of $ 0.25, they are competing with Paypal and others which charges as high as $10 per transaction plus a processing fee. 
  • They claim to charge debit card transactions at the lowest flat rate also. 
  • Before using it you must check if it is operable in your country or not. For example, Groovepay is operable in India and other major countries.

8. Cartflows

image 7


A huge price difference is there between the annual plans of CartFlows and ClickFunnels. Cartflow comes with no monthly payment plans. It has only two types of plans. First is, the annual plan of $299. The second is a lifetime plan of $999.

Meanwhile, ClickFunnels annual plan starts from $1524. But this is not our reason to choose Cartflows as one of ClickFunnels alternatives. 

So what is it? Look Below.


Cartflows is a freemium WordPress plugin. It functions with e-com builders like WooCommerce and Shopify etc. Its funnel-building functionality has a feature called ‘Dynamic Offers’. 

With ClickFunnels creating multivariate funnel logic, for multiple products can be confusing and cumbersome. But Cartflows has solved this problem with its easy-to-understand user interface.  


Cartflows in comparison to ClickFunnels is more cost-effective and simple to use with WooCommerce and Shopify. It almost gives ClickFunnels experience, at a lesser price. 

There is also a feature like ‘Test Mode’, with the help of which you can test your funnel logic easily. This is something that ClickFunnels does not offer, as it says funnel testing can be done in incognito mode of the browser. 

image 10
Test mode inside CartFlows

Other than this, Cartflows can be used for up to 30 websites. This is a certain profitable deal for funnel builders, as ClickFunnels can be used with up to 3 custom domains only.

9. Teachable

Teachable logo, teachable hd logo


The teachable annual price plan starts from $348. But ClickFunnels annual price plan starts from $1584. Does it mean that ClickFunnels is better than Teachable? Let’s not jump to conclusions so fast. 

Here is why: 

One thing to keep in mind before buying any website cum funnel builder is, you should not end up paying for features that you do not need. 

Teachable has a simpler user interface and includes only important in-built features. than ClickFunnels whch makes its easier for beginners to get started with their courses.

Tasks such as VAT and Sales Tax handling, are done automatically on Teachable. This cannot be done easily in Clickfunnels. 

For selling taxable digital products in ClickFunnels, you would need another plugin like AvaTax for international tax compliance. 

Since digital products are taxable in countries like the US and UK. This becomes an important in-app feature of Teachable. 

So with Teachable, you pay for what you will literally use. That makes Teachable reasonable in its pricing plan also. 


With Teachable you can effectively create course funnels, webinar funnels, and other knowledge-based funnels. With it, you can do both affiliate marketing and referral marketing of your courses. 

This makes sense, as old customers help gain new customers. Besides, it creates a decent way for customer-driven marketing. As ethically also, you should not be paying affiliate commissions to your enrollments.

Can you do referral marketing with ClickFunnels? No. But you can do it, with Teachable as an alternative. 


One good thing about Teachable is, you get to add multiple currencies to your product page. This increases the chance of boosting sales and profits when people see their native national currencies. 

Can we add multiple currencies in ClickFunnels?

Currently, it is not that easy. As you will probably need an extra paid plug-in/script to do so. But Teachable has made this convenient with a simple in-app drop-down option. 

What Is FlexiFunnels? Is it a perfect ClcikFunnels Alternative?

FlexiFunnels is a no-code online business website, a high-converting sales funnel builder, as well as an anti-piracy pro course hosting platform. 

It is a platform that empowers every Internet entrepreneur’s online business dreams. Once you become a part of it, you’ll realize that you’re not just getting all the advanced FlexiFunnels features for which ClickFunnels charges you, but also the kind of support you need to start and grow your business without worries.

Remember This!

Internet selling is all about ‘visual selling’. Upfront that one click will become your one chance to prove yourself. This is why catching the attention of the audience becomes crucial.

Now graphic designing is a skill that not everybody has. In such a case, pre-made business templates are always a savior. 

Keeping in mind all such technical and non-technical needs of an online business owner, FlexiFunnels gives 310+ high-converting landing pages and online business-friendly checkout page templates. 

Apart from this, we also give: 

  • X3 times 1-on-1 Onboarding Calls 
  • Free Global Content Delivery Network (CDN) 
  • Faster loading Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) 
  • Integrations with Global and Indian Payment Gateways 
  • Overall, the best price value as an online business builder. 

Everybody wants a top-rated website cum funnel builder for their online business. But when it comes to choosing the best for self, it becomes a little difficult. As all in the market promises to be the best. This is why to help get out of your buying anxiety, we have made a list of the Top 9 review-worthy alternatives of ClickFunnels.

Still, Confused?

Feel free to book a demo or ask your questions in the chat. We would love to answer your questions and help you get started with FlexiFunnels. You would love it 🙂

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