FlexiFunnels versus Systeme.io | Full Comparison for you

FlexiFunnels and Systeme.io are two popular online funnel-building software mainly used for carrying online business. Both of them are coding-free and plug-in-free funnel builders. Though the function of the two is the same, they are different from each other in terms of their features, price, support system, learning resources, etc. This is why here is a detailed comparison between FlexiFunnels and Systeme.io for those who are getting confused between the two.

1. Converting Landing Page Templates

With FlexiFunnels you can make websites, landing pages, and funnel pages altogether in one place.

You also get 300+ ready online business page templates that have been designed by professionals like graphic designers, copywriters, and marketers. FlexiFunnels has professional Done-For-You page templates for almost all major businesses and niche types.  

All of them are fully editable. The benefit of this is, you can customize and brand your web page designs as per your business style.

This will benefit you as now will not have to spend any time and money on coders, website graphic designers, paid page templates and themes, etc.

On the other hand, at Systeme.io you can only make funnels. They have pre-made page designs, but they neither come in great variety nor are they more in number. It means you will have limited page design options and limited design options. As with the page editor of system.io, there are design limitations.

For example, you cannot add multiple color gradients in the background at System.io. But with FlexiFunnels you can make your pages more appealing with a modern-looking gradient in the background.

You can learn more about editing options in FlexiFunnels by clicking here.

2. Pre-built sections

Both FlexiFunnels and Systeme.io have pre-built sections or pre-built design blocks. Pre-built section here means pre-built designs of web page elements like Opt-In Forms, Pricing Plans, FAQs, Testimonial Tables, etc. With such a helpful feature, you need not think a lot about the designing part.

Inside FlexiFunnels, such types of pre-built sections are more in number when compared to pre-built sections of System.io. You can even save your designed pre-built blocks as a template in both the software. But in terms of quantity and quality, FlexiFunnels has a lot to give you.

Right now, there are up to 15 pre-built sections at FlexiFunnels. These include the following:

  1. About the Product
  2. About Us
  3. Bonuses
  4. Bullet Pointers
  5. CTA with FOMO
  6. Desktop Responsive Only Pre-Built Blocks
  7. FAQs
  8. Features & Benefits
  9. Footer
  10. How it Works
  11. Instructor
  12. Opt-In Forms
  13. Pricing Table
  14. Teams
  15. Testimonials

Adding all this step-by-step will make your website even more detailed and credible.

Whereas Systeme.io has only eight pre-built sections. It covers the bare minimum web page element sections. These majorly include Opt-in Forms, Features, Page Footers, Team Presentations, Welcome, Price Plans, Page Headers, and Testimonials only. This is just half of what FlexiFunnels is giving you.

3. Full Piracy Protected Courses

Uploading a course online is easy but maintaining the online safety of one’s digital course is hard. Since your online course becomes prone to undue account sharing between users and non-user, screen-recording, and other such piracy-motivated malpractices.

online course, course security, course security feature

Keeping all this in mind FlexiFunnels has built very strong protective measures to keep your online courses safe from piracy-caused revenue loss. As with piracy, even your paid courses will either be sold at a discounted price by the offender. Or your paid courses will just become free without even you knowing about it.

  • To avoid revenue losses due to it, FlexiFunnels is giving OTT-level protection to all its users. Also;
  • You can encode your video course, meaning no one can download it.
  • No user will be able to log in from more than two devices to see your course.
  • Also, no user will dare to screen-record your video courses. As the user’s name and details will be shown as an overlay over your video course.
  • Right Click is disabled inside your course membership area. This is to protect and prevent your content from getting used without permission. That means nobody can select your content with a right-click to copy and paste.

That’s a lot by FlexiFunnels. Speaking of System.io, they do not make strong propositions when it comes to piracy protection of your uploaded online courses. You can upload your course to sell there, but Systeme.io does not seem to have such strong anti-piracy course protection measures. To cross-check you can even visit their official website.

 4. Course Bundle Feature

Inside both FlexiFunnels and Systeme.io, you can create course bundles. To understand it better, let us suppose you have a main course on digital marketing. Inside it, you have created various classes on branches of digital marketing. 

This includes learning modules on email marketing, Facebook ads, google ads, marketing funnel, etc. Now instead of selling a big chunk of your digital marketing course in one go, you can create course bundles.

It means that you can create each branch of a digital marketing course separately. You can either make a combo of email marketing and a copywriting course bundle. Or you can sell each course type separately.

So hypothetically instead of selling all 50 classes in one go, what you can do is you can create a 5-course bundle of 10 classes each.

The benefit of creating a course bundle:

  • Set a price for each bundle. The benefit of it is you can increase the price of your successive courses as well then.
  • When you use the course bundle feature, you should know about the use of the drip campaign feature. It becomes equally important then. Drip feature campaigns can be done inside both FlexiFunnels and Systeme.io.
  • Another benefit of this is that when they will view any one class/lesson inside your created course bundle. They will also get to see that they can unlock all other lessons/classes inside your course bundle by purchasing an upgrade. This means you can automatically do upsell here.  

At FlexiFunnels, you can create drip feature campaigns by date and by number of days. This means you can set at which date a new part of the course will be released. Or you can release the course online after some days when the first part of the course has been seen.  

However, in Systeme.io you can drip-feed content only as per the number of days. Not on a specific date. It means that lecture two will be unlocked after 1/2/3 days of watching lecture one.

But in FlexiFunnels, you can use the drip feature both on specific dates and after a certain number of days. 

5. Customized Pricing

If you are doing online business, you might need to collect payments in different ways. For example, you might need one of the below-given options.

  • One-Time Payment: You can sell your product/service once for one fixed price.
  • Recurring and Subscription Payment: Instead of taking a one-time payment, you can collect a fixed amount of recurring payment at a scheduled time.
  • One-Time Fees Followed by a Subscription Payment: In this model, you take a one-time setup/installation fee in the beginning and then charge the subscription amount at every payment cycle.

Inside Systeme.io, you can collect one-time payments and recurring/subscription payments. But inside FlexiFunnels, you will be able to process all three types of revenue models. This includes one-time payments, recurring/subscription payments, and one-time payments followed by a subscription payment.

The most solid one is the one-time fee followed by a subscription payment. Such a revenue model is highly-used in the offline world. Wherein customers prefer a one-time down payment plus EMI (Equal Monthly Instalments) while buying high-value products.

6. Multiple Pricing Options & Multiple Call To Actions

While you travel by airplane, you get the option to buy Economy, Business Class, and First Class airfare tickets. The same is what happens when you travel by train. There you get Sleeper Class, First Class, and A/C Class. By using multiple pricing options like this, you too can differentiate between your basic, medium, and premium quality products.

When there is one buying option on the sales page, a person thinks whether he should buy a product or not. When there are multiple pricing options, they think “which one to buy”.

Doing this with FlexiFunnels is super easy. You can create multiple pricing table options on your sales page. This helps in increasing the buyer’s confidence about the purchase and compels them to make a choice. After that, you can add multiple payment gateways to your checkout pages. 

pricing block, pricing block ideas, pricing features flexifunnels

7. Domain Integration

When it comes to integrating custom domains, one gets to add up to nine domains in both the paid plans ($397/year and $697/year) of FlexiFunnels. Whereas, Systeme.io is giving integrations with ten domains in its $ 396/year plan and unlimited domain in its $828/year plan.

Both give free SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates and free global CDN (Content Delivery Network) to each domain, hosted for free on their platforms. However, when it comes to giving DDoS protection (i.e. protection from website crash), each of the FlexiFunnels hosted pages are DDoS protected. While Systeme.io has been silent on being DDoS protected on its official pages.

Again it is all about quality over quantity.

8. A-Records

When you do domain integration using A-records, your web address looks professional. With FlexiFunnels you can do domain integrations by changing A Records (using CNAME also).

Suppose, with a subdomain web address name is: www. your site .com

By using A-Records, you can change it to: yoursite.com

Not just you get a professional-looking business site, but you also do better brand positioning by A Records initiated domain integration.

The same is not possible with Systeme.io.

9. Sub-User Access

Both FlexiFunnels and Systeme.io are giving sub-user account access. This means other than you as an admin, you can also give access to others in your account.

This has been refined by FlexiFunnels, where you can choose as per your wish the account access limits. This means you can select which sub-user gets how much and access which funnel.

While with Systeme.io you can only invite and add co-team members to your account. But they will have complete access to your funnels and other projects.

So this might create security concerns for you.

We are aware of how important it is for businesses to keep their data safe & secure. That’s why we have created a robust Sub Users Access panel. Using this you can give limited access to your team members/employees.

Only the things (Projects, Products, Funnels, etc) that they are given access to will be visible to them.

You can also give sub-user access to your clients for their particular websites, so they can make changes to their pages, products, and courses by themselves instead of reaching out to you again and again

10. Support System

Support Channel is something most buyers overlook in their buying decision. Any platform’s support system is like a helping hand. Availability of this is important to carry out one’s online business activities carefree. 

FlexiFunnels Support System contains the following:

  • Bi-Weekly Live Q & A Sessions
  • In-App Live Chat
  • x3 successful 1-to-1 Live Calls
  • 24 x 7 Support Ticketing System
  • Funnel Growth System
  • Email Support
  • Facebook Community Support  
  • FlexiFunnels Help Blog 

If you’re thinking about what is the Funnel Growth System (FGS) of FlexiFunnels, here is the answer:

Funnel growth system is a premium collection of video-based learning resources on digital marketing. One that contains practical know-how to help you do successful online sales. FlexiFunnels founder & CEO- Mr. Saurabh Bhatnagar, a successful digital marketer himself. He took the initiative to create detailed digital marketing courses inside FGS. This will be available to you at no extra cost as soon as you become a paid user of FlexiFunnels).

Systeme.io at the other hand has the following Support Channel System:

  • Email Support
  • Systeme.io Help Blog and;
  • Systeme.io Facebook Community Support
  • 1-on-1 boarding call is available to their $828/year plan users.

We focus more on customer support because the more support we give, the more success stories we build. As each of your long-term business goals needs long-term business efforts. We want to make sure we are there for you always then.

11. Double Bump Offer

The Bump Offer increases the average order value by 18-37 percent.

So what is a bump offer?

Suppose you go to a stationery store to buy a notebook only. The shopkeeper would then offer you a pen also before billing. Whether we want it or not, it is on us. Here, a notebook is our purchase item and a pen is like a bump offer(a product that increases your total cart value) offered by the shopkeeper. In the same way, bump offers can be given online. 

The only difference is you can give bump offers to do both upsells, downsells, and cross-sells. By including bump offers in checkout pages, you can sell an additional, complimentary product(s). The price of which gets added to the total billing value. Here is what it looks like: 

what is bump offer, bump offer, bump offer feature

You can add this sales-boosting element to the checkout pages of both FlexiFunnels and Systeme.io.

Inside FlexiFunnels, you can add two bump offers. The advantage of it is if a customer does not want bump offer 1, he or she might consider opting for bump offer 2 then. Or they may opt for both bump offers. Either way, your sales have increased.

We have a detailed video series on how you can touch the Rs. 1 Crore mark (About $250,000) using many such features of FlexiFunnels.

The same is not the case when you are using System.io. You cannot add double-bump offers there.

12. Integration with the Indian Payment Gateways

When you have payment integrations with Indian Payment Gateways that operate globally. Meaning the ones who can process international payments into your bank account. You get the benefit of a lower transaction processing fee when you receive payments from abroad.

For example, PayPal has 4.40% + Fixed country-wise charges. On the other hand, RazorPay charges you only 3% + country-wise charges. 

If you are doing business in India, Paypal and Stripe is not the best way of doing business because they do not accept local payment methods such as GooglePay, PhonePe, etc

Because of this, you end up losing the major chunk of sales that you could have easily grabbed.

FlexiFunnels has direct integrations with two major Indian Payment Gateways right now. The first is Razorpay, and the second is Cashfree. Both of them can process native payments to international payments and you can apply both of them on your checkout page together so that your potential customers can make the payment using their favorite payment methods.

Whereas, Systeme.io has integration with only one Indian payment gateway ie Razorpay.

13. Coupons

Coupons are a good selling tactic to increase sales revenue. As in some businesses, they cannot give an evergreen discount offer. So they go for coupons. It will not just help you in building a qualified leads email list. But it also helps in boosting sales and increasing customer loyalty as well.

Do you know?

In the United States of America, 83% of consumers use digital coupons dedicatedly.

image 14
Source: Statista

This means your sales are likely to increase. As coupons incentivize consumers’ buying decisions without much effort.

At both FlexiFunnels and Systeme.io, you can create coupon codes. However, the major differences between the two are as follows:

  • The number of coupons: Using FlexiFunnels, you can insert multiple coupons inside your order page. The same is possible with Systeme.io as well.
  • Coupon Creation Logic: Both FlexiFunnels and Systeme.io have easy-to-understand coupon creation logic settings. But FlexiFunnels in comparison to Systeme.io has more coupon logic settings when it comes to coupon creation.  

Where Systeme.io is better than FlexiFunnels?

  • Domain Integration: By giving unlimited custom domains in its $828 per year plan (only CNAME setting), Systeme.io looks like a value for money for agency owners. FlexiFunnels on the other hand gives 9 domain integration (both with CNAME and A-Records) in its $397 and $697 plans.
  • Transaction Cost: Systeme.io charges zero transaction fee, while FlexiFunnels charges a 1 percent transaction fee on every sale made.
  • Email marketing: Using Systeme.io email marketing can be done as you get the option to send unlimited emails. FlexiFunnels on the other hand does not have an in-app email marketing feature.

Where is FlexiFunnels better than Systeme.io?

FlexiFunnels is more advanced and refined than Systeme.io because:

  • Customer Support System: With various support channels as discussed above, FlexiFunnels is more consumer-oriented. While Systeme.io gives full access to its support only for higher paid plan users. 
  • User-Friendly: For consumers, we have an easy user interface, complete digital marketing learning resources to increase online sales, and a strong customer support channel. Systeme.io, on the other, can be hard to understand and use for beginners.
  • Funnel Growth System (FGS): At FlexiFunnels you are also going to get free access to Funnel Growth System (FGS). It’s a collection of 100+ premium lessons on digital marketing to help you sell more online.  
  • More Online Protection: Likewise, FlexiFunnels-hosted businesses get DDoS-protected websites, funnels, and OTT-level anti-piracy online course hosting. The same is not available in System.io.
  • Sales boosting features: For online sales revenue growth you can add double bump offers and uses all-product and product-specific coupons. FlexiFunnels coupon code, bump offers, and 
  • Better branding: A-records domain integration for better brand positioning. All this is not possible with Systeme.io. 
  • More Integrations: Systeme.io provides only a few integrations such as ActiveCampaign, Stripe, PayPal, and MercadoPago. On the other hand, with FlexiFunnels, you get tons of integrations with all tools so you won’t need external tools like Zapier in most cases.

Updates with up-to-date features: FlexiFunnels has a lot more to give you so that you can get more revenue. We keep on coming up with new online business-friendly feature updates.

Final Verdict for FlexiFunnels Versus Systeme.io

FlexiFunnels and Systeme.io both are good, but who is better than the other is something that you will decide. Yes. The judge of the final verdict will be you. It is because every kind of business has its own goals and needs. But whatever you choose to go for, do keep in mind the point of comparison between FlexiFunnels and Systeme.io. 

In the overall big picture FlexiFunnels vis-a-vis Systeme.io is more helpful with its Funnel Growth System courses, strong customer support system, simple-to-understand user interface, and better flexibility with page design options, etc. Now it is on you to choose which of the two funnel-building software is fit for your long-term online business goals.

Still, have doubt about what is FlexiFunnels?

Connect with our executives to enquire about how FlexiFunnels can help you out in your online journey or read more about us here.

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